2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun

Hi Sec 1 Parents! There is a new class of 2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun on Weds 630-815PM. There is ONLY 1 slot left!😁 Location: Yishun Blk 156. Little Smarties Centre. Class size: Max 4 students. Lesson duration : 1hr45mins to 2hrs (Not the usual 1.5hr. Travelling time will not be wasted) Monthly Read more about 2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun[…]

Hannahtuition 2022 Students results

This post is about Hannahtuition 2022 students results. These results are a continuation outpourings of 2022 students’ WA3 and Sec4 prelims results updates. I posted these results in my facebook end September. Decided to post them here too as many parents found me through google and this webpage too. 🙂 Students who did not do Read more about Hannahtuition 2022 Students results[…]

Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO

I want to share some videos on proving Amaths trigo identities. One of my students asked me to help him solve 3 trigonometry identities questions during one of our maths class recently. I realised they are quite good questions to share some tips with the rest. Also, i had more free time in the mornings Read more about Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO[…]

How to prevent careless mistakes in maths exams

I took almost half a year break last year as my daughter is born late june. This year, i had several new sec 3 and sec 4 students when i restart my classes.  Careless mistakes – my most hated bug in the classroom. I realise several students i have this year tend to make a Read more about How to prevent careless mistakes in maths exams[…]

P5 Fractions Quiz1

Parents of my P5 students, Here is the fraction quiz this week. Some of my did not do well. 🙁 Maybe still holiday mood. 🙁   Kindly sign and remind your child to do corrections. Thanks! There will be another short quiz on fraction word problems next week. 🙂    

Diffusion and Osmosis for Lower Secondary Science

2 of my sec 1 st nicholas secondary girls are studying diffusion and osmosis. They have just finished their science common test. Hope that they can do well ! 🙂 Went through this diffusion and osmosis worsksheet with them last saturday. I believe it was a great practice.

P5 Maths – Percentage

This week, I am teaching a new topic to my P4 students. They will be in P5 next year and they are pretty excited about it. Usually, I will cover those topics that they will be facing for the first time in P5. ( For instance, percentage, rate and average). Here are this week exercises Read more about P5 Maths – Percentage[…]

Lower Sec Maths – Simultaneous Equations and Linear Graphs Quiz

Top Scorer: 85% Justin Lim (NAN CHIAU HIGH SCHOOL) Justin is a intelligent boy. However, he needs to focus and be CAREFUL in his work. 🙂 I believe he can do well in the coming end of year examinations! 🙂