Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO

I want to share some videos on proving Amaths trigo identities. One of my students asked me to help him solve 3 trigonometry identities questions during one of our maths class recently. I realised they are quite good questions to share some tips with the rest. Also, i had more free time in the mornings Read more about Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO[…]

Amaths Exams preparations

For Amaths exams preparation this year, i came up with some common questions worksheets for each topic and will be going through the techniques/steps on how to solve them. It has been some time since I work on developing resources and worksheets. As i mention in the previous post, I have been focusing on school Read more about Amaths Exams preparations[…]

2014 O levels Results

Last year, I only have 5 Sec 4 students taking O levels. [Yes! Only 5! Hehe. I do not run a tuition centre ( as of now). I am happily giving tuition on my own conducting 1to1 and small group tuitions at my place. 🙂 ] I believe 4 out of 5 did well. One Read more about 2014 O levels Results[…]

My 2 Js did it again! Yeah!

I love all of my students. But there are some of them who pleases me more because of their positive attitude, their hardworking behaviour and kindness. Jasmine and Jessie are two special students whom i really enjoy teaching. They are bubbly ( definately not the quiet kind). But yet, when i point out their mistakes or bad behaviour, Read more about My 2 Js did it again! Yeah![…]

Amaths Trigonometry (Double angle) Questions

Hi Jessie W, ( Jessie Lau, in case you are reading this, this post is not for you! hehe! I have another student by the name of Jessie this year. )   Here are the 3 questions on Trigo Double Angle! Please attempt and complete these questions together with the homework I gave during class. You may key your Read more about Amaths Trigonometry (Double angle) Questions[…]