Proving Amaths Trigo identities with tips VIDEO

I want to share some videos on proving Amaths trigo identities. One of my students asked me to help him solve 3 trigonometry identities questions during one of our maths class recently. I realised they are quite good questions to share some tips with the rest. Also, i had more free time in the mornings now as my assistant teacher helped me with the printing of lesson materials and some marking of MCQs practices. 


It has been 6 years since i do video clip teaching. I just saw that my last video on hannahtuition youtube channel is posted 6 years back. Haha, And i encounter some challenges in the firsts video clip. (Thus, my video is split into 3 parts. lol)

I realized its so difficult to hold the phone on one hand while doing workings with the other hand. Hence, I only end up shooting one video for the solution on one question for now. Let me go figure out how to do it better. *I am browsing carosell for tripods now. Haha.*


Maybe you can attempt the 3 questions first before watching the solution videos. 🙂

  1. cosec(x)sec(x) – 2tan(x) = cot(x) -tan(x)
  2. [ sec(x) + cosec(x) ] / [tan(x) + cot(x)] = sin(x) + cos(x)
  3. [ sin(x) / (1-cot(x)) ] – [cos(x) / (1-tan(x)) ] = 1 / [sin(x) – cos(x)]


Stay tuned for the other 2 solution videos too! 🙂

Sorry for the delay! I finally managed to get my Joby tripod. Too much choices in carosell. I took a while to figure out which one I want.

Here are some of the trigonometry identities formulas you can use. 🙂

Hope this post on proving Amaths trigo identities tips help you in some way or another! 🙂

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