December 17, 2012

Please contact Mrs Chew at 82888792 for all enquiries.

For Hannahtuition classes enquiries, you can contact Mrs Hannah Chew via fb/Ig/email. However, it may take a few days for her to check her email.

Hence, feel free to SMS/Watsapp Mrs Chew at 82888792 for all enquiries.

Do note that Mrs Hannah Chew is having lessons most of the time or busy with her preschoolers. So kindly give her some time to respond. Thanks!

Mrs Chew had compiled a few common questions she received and stated her answers below. Hope they are useful.

Q: Do you teach English?
A: I do not teach English. I have someone to recommend ( Teacher Sarah) but her tuition centre is in the east. Kindly have a look at her centre’s webpage and I hope you can get into her classes which are always full. 🙂

Q: Is there any registration fees for hannahtuition?
A: No. However, there is an annual material fees of $35 (for Sec 1 to 3) and $70 (for Sec 4) as I will be printing worksheets and test papers for the students. On top of that, I may require students to get 1 to 2 books from Popular for general practice.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Yishun BLK 156 Little Smarties. ( just opposite MRT) 3 to 5 mins walking distance from Yishun MRT. Most of my classes are at BLK 156 but i do have some classes at home (The Nautical at Canberra)

Q: Can you travel to my place for tuition?
A: I am sorry that I do not travel to student’s place for tuition anymore. I have been giving group tuition for more than 12 years.
If you are staying in the east, check out My Mustard Seed in Tampines. This is the only tuition centre that I recommend. 🙂

Q: Do you teach Normal Tech, Normal academic students?
A: Yes. I believe all children can be nurtured. 🙂

Q: How many students are there in your classes?
A: I have classes of various sizes. Some classes I teach both subjects and I keep the science class small at 4 to 6 students. Maths classes are bigger with 6 to 7 students.

Q: How do I put my name on the waiting list?
A: SMS/Watsapp me at 82888792 to put your name on waiting list. I will send a SMS/WA to parents on waiting list once I have a vacancy. 🙂

Priority for all Hannahtuition physical classes are as follows
1) current students’ sibling
2) student who is on small steps good grade science program ( part of hannahtuition’s online community)
3) rest of the students.


17 thoughts on “Please contact Mrs Chew at 82888792 for all enquiries.

  • Hi, would like to check whether you have any slot for psle science group tuition? What is the class size, schedule and fees?


    • Hi Mrs Lee, thanks for your interest. My psle classes are currently full. I take in max 4-5 students in one class. Each lesson is 2 hours.

      Kindly drop me a sms. I will keep your contact and inform you should i have any available slots. Thanks.

  • Hi Mrs Chew, i am looking for a tutor for my son who is in Sec 3 express this year. Subjects are: A Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

    Do let me know the rates & the availability.


    • Hi Celeste, thanks for your message. My individual slots are few and are currently full. My sec 3 group slots are full too currently. Kindly drop me a message at 82888792 so that I can save your number and put you on waiting list. I will contact when should I have any available slots. Thanks!

      Btw, my group class ( max 4-5 students per class). Thanks!

  • Hi Mrs Chew, please advise your available slots for P5 science next year 2015. I am fine with group tuition.


    • Hi Doreen, I do not have 2015 schedule out yet. Usually I will finalise and contact parents during november and dec for next year schedule. Kindly send an sms to 82888792 so that I can add u to my sms list for 2015. Thanks and have a great day.

  • Hi Hannah

    I’m not sure if you teach Sec 3 Additional Math, but my son needs help in this subject. Kindly advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Karen, can you watsapp or sms me at 82888792? I still have one more slot on Mon 5pm for sec maths. 🙂

  • Since joining your class, My child, Sec 2 had been improving tremendously in her Maths and science. Out of my surprise, she enjoy herself very much in the tution class too. Very experienced and patient teacher indeed? Keep up the good work.

  • Hi may I know if u are still taking in students for sec 4 pure chemistry? If yes what is the pricing and timing?

    • Hi, I teach pure chemistry for sec 3 and 4. However, my pure chem classes are already full at the moment. Kindly check out my online science program (SMALL STEPS GOOD GRADES). I have received many good reviews, testimonials and feedback from my previous batch of students that the program helped them so much in their revision. Many parents messaged me that they see huge improvement in their child’s exam results and OLevels too! Feel free to msg me at 82888792 to find out more! 🙂

    • Hi Sdza, our 2023 sec 2 maths class is on Sat 10am. (Yishun Blk 156). However, all slots are full at the moment. Please watsapp me at 82888792 to leave me your child name. I will put him/her on interest list and contact you when there are slots available. I hope I have an opportunity to coach your child. Thanks. 🙂

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