June 18, 2018

About hannahtuition classes

Hi Parents,

Thanks for your interest in hannahtuition classes!

Here are the main features about my classes;

Small Group Tuition

Maths class : 5-7 students in a group

Science class : 4-6 students in a group

Follows student’s school curriculum

I do not have a standard curriculum like many tuition centers do. It is easier for me to do so but i realised it does not benefit the students much if they are studying two different topics on the same subject at two different places. Hence, I teach what they are learning in school.

Actually, my main priority is to motivate the students. If i coach the same topics they are learning in school, they usually score well for the tests, quizes and eventually examinations. This motivate them as they feel they understand these subjects and they tend to pay more attention in classes. When they pay attention in class, they gain more knowledge. My lessons then can work on challenging or tricky questions for them. With more practice, they do well in examinations consistently. It is a virtuous cycle. 🙂

Customized individual coaching

Beacuse of my small class size, I am able to coach the students individually while the students take turns to do practice.

Mixed levels in some classes

After i had kids, i cut down a lot of classes. I cant get all my same level students to come on the same day. Hence, i started to have mixed levels classes since i do customised coaching anyway. 🙂

As different schools cover different topics at different times, one sec 1 student can be studying the same science topic as a sec 2 student. My classes do not exceed 2 academic levels and it has worked very well for me and students both ways. Just that i have to spend more time in lesson planning. 🙂

1hr 45 mins – 2hr lesson

Every lesson is 1hr 45 mins. Often stretches to 2hr for most students. 🙂

Motivation and practice Over superstar Notes

I know some centres pride themselves by giving students “Super” notes.

Hannahtuition prefers to take the road untraveled. Or rather, no one want to travel this route because its not very popular to tell students that they must practice to do well in this era. Hannahtuition prides herself by focusing on motivating students and oh yes, give them practice and make sure they do them.

Dont get me wrong. I do give notes once a while. (If i realise the school is not providing the students with notes and the textbook details are too ‘scattered’). I also provide answering techniques notes for some students too. However, if they already got notes from schools or have very good guidebooks from popular, then notes is not what they need to do well. 🙂

I do not believe in drilling students for them to do well. But i believe in practice. For me, this is very inline with the biblical concept of seedtime and harvest. 🙂