June 18, 2018

About hannahtuition classes

All about hannahtuition classes! 😊

Hi Parents,

Thanks for your interest in hannahtuition classes!

Here are the main features about hannahtuition classes;

Small Group Tuition

Maths class : 5-7 students in a group

Science class : 4-6 students in a group

Follows student’s school curriculum

I do not have a standard curriculum like many tuition centers do. It is easier for me to do so but i realised we do not see the improvement distinctively when the students are studying two different topics on the same subject at two different places. Hence, I teach what they are learning in school.

Actually, my main priority is to motivate the students. If i coach the same topics they are learning in school, they usually score well for the tests, quizzes and eventually examinations. As they feel they understand these subjects, they are motivated to pay more attention during school lessons. When they pay attention in class, they gain more knowledge. And when they come for tuition lessons, we can work on challenging or tricky questions. With more practice, they WILL DEFINATELY do well in examinations consistently. It is a virtuous cycle. 🙂

Customized individual coaching

Because of my small class size and meticulous lesson planning, I am able to cover the topics that students need to prepare for their Work Assessments (WA) in schools.

Mixed levels in some classes

A few of my classes are mixed levels. I will let parents know in advance during sign-up. Usually most parents have no issues as schools are moving towards this class design with subject based banding and some IP schools also have IP and Olevels students in some classes together. 

As different schools cover different topics at different times, one student in sec 1 may be learning the same science topic that a student in sec 2 is studying at a different school. My classes do not exceed 2 academic levels and it has worked very well for me and students both ways. Just that, my tutor (Ms Tan) and I have to spend more time in lesson planning. 🙂

1hr 45 mins – 2hr lesson

Every lesson is minimum 1hr 45 mins. Often stretches to 2hr for most students. 🙂

Motivation and practice Over superstar Notes

I know some centers pride themselves by giving students “Super” notes.

Hannahtuition prefers to take the road untraveled. Or rather, no one want to travel this route because its not very popular to tell students that they must practice to do well in this era. Hannahtuition prides herself by focusing on motivating students and oh yes, give them practice and make sure they do them.

Don’t get me wrong. I do give notes too. My notes are also available in Small Steps Good Grades Secondary Science Program developed by my Hannah Edtech team. I also provide answering techniques videos for students. However, if they already got good notes from schools, then notes is clearly not what they need to do well. 🙂

All of my science students have to purchase the Small Steps Good Grades Science Program. This program is the cornerstone to enable students to score well in their secondary sciences. It is fundamental as it is designed to help students to REMEMBER important concepts and knowledge. 

More information on this awesome science program can be found in the link below. 

Small Steps Good Grades Secondary Science APP Program

Priority for all Hannahtuition on-site classes are as follows
1) Current students’ sibling
2) Student who is on small steps good grade science program ( part of hannahtuition’s online community)
3) Rest of the students.


I do not believe in drilling students for them to do well. But I believe in practice. For me, this is very inline with the biblical concept of seedtime and harvest. 🙂

You can see more details on Secondary Science tuition or Hannahtuition reviews on my fb page. http://www.facebook.com/MathsAndScienceTuitionAtYishun

You can also find out who is behind Hannah Edtech team from this fb post.


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