Small Steps Good Grades Secondary Science APP Program

The launch for SMALL STEPS GOOD GRADES SECONDARY APP SCIENCE Program is finally here!😍😁😎πŸ₯³

Small Step Good Grades Program is a Mobile/ Web app program. (Courses developed by Hannahtuition)

βœ… Consist of more than 100 lessons per course/level. The lessons includes precise notes and interactive quiz in each 20-30min lesson. Students save at least 20-30 hours in writing their own notes! Not only that, the students will have these notes in their pockets and can refer to them anytime! (These are the same notes/tips used by Hannahtuition top scorers over the past few years)

βœ… Pinpoint exactly where your child needs help in different topics. Students need to retake the bite-sized lessons until they score 85%. This meant that students have remembered key concepts! At this point, students’ confidence improve when attempting tougher questions!

βœ… These micro lessons are specially formulated to enable students to REMEMBER key topic concepts/formulas/key phrases! Understanding concept is not enough, students must remember them and apply them to questions! (Once foundation knowledge is built, students will find it easier to solve higher-order thinking questions!)

βœ… Mrs Chew and her team will track students’ learning progress and send a monthly report to parents and students (via watsapp/email).

βœ… Real rewards like bubble tea / Popular bookstores vouchers will be mailed to the student who top the quiz scoreboard every term.

βœ… Exam questions (paraphased) from various schools are embedded in these bite-sized lessons.

βœ…πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜»πŸ”ŠShort videos to teach students to dissect open-ended questions using Hannahtuition SUPER* answering technique. Open-ended questions from GCE Olevels or TOP school examinations papers will be used. These videos show how Hannahtuition SUPER* technique should be applied to different open-ended questions. We believe these videos will be extremely useful for students who tend to lose their marks in open-ended questions.

And much more!

😍😁😍Hi Parents, it will be a 12-month subscription. At $250, it will only less than $0.70 per day for unlimited science practice at home or in school. Pls note the students WILL NOT be left on their own to do their lessons (unlike other app subscription) but rather lesson links will be sent weekly to watsapp/emails to remind them to complete their practices and results will be also sent to the parents monthly. Mrs Chew really believe if students can remember the science concepts, they can definitely pass the exams and ace their exams easily!

I know parents have reservations about online program. I am a parent too. πŸ™‚ But just take a look at the reviews I got from students/parents from previous batch of students on this program!πŸ˜‰For maths tuition, I agree that physical tuition is much more effective to point out the students’ careless mistakes on the spot etc. But for secondary sciences, I strongly believe that the priority is for students to work on remembering the concepts/formulas/key phrases and reaction trends. And not just refer to the notes while doing their practices. This make the practice ineffective and students have to spend A LOT OF TIME in their revisions before their tests or exams. This is why I developed SMALL STEPS GOOD GRADES SCIENCE Program after coaching lower secondary science, chemistry, physics for many years. Students will do well in science easily when they can remember the concepts/ formulas/equations and applications.😎

I hope that your child can join us in our SMALL STEPS GOOD GRADES Community. There will be regular zoom science lessons (to focus on answering techniques) at GOODWILL rates ($5 instead of $55) for our community members. πŸ˜€Sign up now (PM me or WA me @ 82888792) and see how SMALL STEPS GOOD GRADES micro-lessons can help your child in secondary science! β€οΈπŸŽ‰

Parents/students, you can find more Hannahtuition review and students result on my facebook page at

You can also find out who is behind Hannah Edtech team from this fb post.

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