My 2 Js did it again! Yeah!

I love all of my students. But there are some of them who pleases me more because of their positive attitude, their hardworking behaviour and kindness.

Jasmine and Jessie are two special students whom i really enjoy teaching. They are bubbly ( definately not the quiet kind). But yet, when i point out their mistakes or bad behaviour, they are very teachable. Jasmine is from express stream and Jessie is in Normal academic stream.

I teach both of them Emaths, Amaths.

Jessie did not do well in the first Amaths test. I thank God she did not give up and continue to work hard.

She scored 25/30 (83%) for the second Amaths test. Awesome!


Jasmine scored 25/30 (83%) for her Amaths too! Combo Win! Hehe! Sometimes, I see Jasmine explaining to Jessie on certain questions when she sees Jessie still missing my point. I smile to myself and thank God that she is developing leadership traits and learning how to share (knowledge) and helps others. Praise the Lord!! 🙂 🙂


Jasmine amaths

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