Hannahtuition 2022 Students results

This post is about Hannahtuition 2022 students results. These results are a continuation outpourings of 2022 students’ WA3 and Sec4 prelims results updates. I posted these results in my facebook end September. Decided to post them here too as many parents found me through google and this webpage too. πŸ™‚ Students who did not do Read more about Hannahtuition 2022 Students results[…]

Hannahtuition review Students 2022 WA2 results

Take a look at Hannahtuition review Students 2022 WA2 results! Finally got time to sit down to compile and upload some of my students 2022 WA2 results! Some of my students have not share with me their results yet. πŸ™‚ βœ“TI Sec 1 Maths – 30/30 A1 FULL MARK βœ“TR Sec 3 AMaths – 20/25 Read more about Hannahtuition review Students 2022 WA2 results[…]

Hannahtuition review and students result

Take a look at Hannahtuition review and 2022 students WA results! Gosh, i realised that I have not been updating this Hannahtuition webpage since end of 2021. I did post my friends’ results on my facebook page. What if one day, there is no more facebook?! Hehe. Anyway, there are some Hannahtuition review and students’ Read more about Hannahtuition review and students result[…]

Yishun Chemistry Tuition
Maths tuition Yishun nothing can replace human touch

Secondary Maths Tuition in Yishun

Mrs Hannah Chew, a secondary Maths Tuition teacher who conduct home-based lessons in Yishun wants to talk about her views on online coaching versus face to face lessons. πŸ™‚ I resumed my face to face Yishun secondary maths tuition lessons three days ago. It was liberating. I did not know that simply able to coach Read more about Secondary Maths Tuition in Yishun[…]

Looking for good Secondary Maths and Science Tutor in Yishun?

Are you looking for good Secondary Maths and Science tutor for your child in Yishun area? Look no more. πŸ™‚ This post is about 2019 Hannahtuition Students Results and some updates. πŸ™‚ I thank you Lord again that most Hannahtuition students did well! This year, hannahtuition grew from 1 assistant to 4 assistants. HALLELUJAH! Most Read more about Looking for good Secondary Maths and Science Tutor in Yishun?[…]

chemistry titration

Chemistry Salts Preparation

This post is on Chemistry Salts preparation. Some students find this chemistry topic a little daunting because of the amount of concepts they have to remember. I hope these 2 video clips can help student digest the concepts they need to remember as they can watch it as many times they like. I also put Read more about Chemistry Salts Preparation[…]

Common Olevels Chemistry questions

I decided to write about a few common olevels chemistry questions that I want my students to take note. Please note that I am explaining the key concepts in this post. Not just providing the answer keys. πŸ™‚ Why does aluminium oxide has a higher melting point than sodium chloride? This is because Mg2+ and Read more about Common Olevels Chemistry questions[…]

Answering techniques for Science questions

I want to talk about answering techniques for Science questions in this post. This year, I got several students who are hardworking and know their concepts well. One will expect them to score A but they only managed a B or C in the recent weighted assessments. Why? Because concept is not king. πŸ™‚  I Read more about Answering techniques for Science questions[…]

Upper Sec Chemistry Periodic Table Basics

Hi Nisherl, Gaston, Joshua, Justin, Alden and Chloe(Toh), please have a read. Do prepare for the questions. You will be required to answer these questions next lesson. Thanks.   Periodic Table –Basics (Group 1 metals) Β  How are elements arranged in the periodic table? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does group number and period number means? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Read more about Upper Sec Chemistry Periodic Table Basics[…]