Looking for good Secondary Maths and Science Tutor in Yishun?

Are you looking for good Secondary Maths and Science tutor for your child in Yishun area? Look no more. 🙂

This post is about 2019 Hannahtuition Students Results and some updates. 🙂

I thank you Lord again that most Hannahtuition students did well! This year, hannahtuition grew from 1 assistant to 4 assistants. HALLELUJAH! Most of them are either waiting for their university admission or are studying in local universities. I thank God for these armour bearers because this is first year where i did not feel burned out in May and in Oct during exam period.

Updates: This good Secondary Maths and Science Tutor in Yishun is cutting down classes next year and moving forward because her 2 champions are going to primary school and kindergarten. How time flies! I want to spend more time with them because I grew up with ‘absent parents’. My parents operate food stalls in food court and work very long hours. I thank God for my them and my grandma but I believe a lot of things would have turn out quite differently for me and especially my brothers if my parents spent more time with us.

On the other hand, I realise it must be so tough for them to make the decision to work long hours to provide for us, while not able to watch us grow. I grew up happy and quite independent because my parents were not always there to make decisions for us. However, I do not have to worry about finances because there is always food on the table and minimal pocket money weekly. It is good in a way. 🙂 So, dont get me wrong, kids grow up very well with working parents too.

Because of the reduced classes, I am only left with 2 slots for year 2020. Thank you Lord! Below are some screen shots between me and my students/their parents that warm my heart. Its not always about scoring distinctions. It can be great news of improvement, breakthroughs and words of appreciation.

There are some students this year that came in with 30s. I am so glad that all of them pass and many scored distinctions. Some parents and students are kind enough to leave me testimonials. You can read them at https://www.hannahtuition.com/i-want-to-hear-your-thoughts/

Sometimes, it is not always about the results. It brings me great joy when I see students becoming more matured and understanding.
I am so happy for this girl. Scoring a C5 may not be a proud thing to show but I am sure it is for our case. She started Amaths tuition in Sec 4. She scored only 20s throughout her Sec 3 exams and she barely pass her prelims. I am SO SO happy she achieved a C5 and she is able to have enough subjects for her poly admission. Yay!

A lot of parents asked me. How can they help their children achieve good results? I believe, beside engaging a good tutor, it boils down to habits and confidence of the student. I will be sharing some of articles in next few blog posts that I personally find it useful. Below is a short article that you can take a read. 🙂


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