How Yishun Hannah Tuition improve Secondary Maths grades

This post, I will be sharing how Hannah Tuition in Yishun help students’ to improve Secondary Maths grades.

Besides engaging a good Maths mentor, I really believe it is important for the child to form good habits (like setting time to do homework, revision, sleep early etc). Below is a link to a youtube clip on a bestseller book “Atomic habits”

Try some of the tips given! It work wonders for some of my students. 🙂

How Yishun Hannah Tuition Help improve Maths grades?

  • Subject Matter Expert with full-time teaching experience

Finding a good Subject matter expert with experience to mentor the student is certainly important. The tutor should be someone the students can clear their doubts with or correct their answering techniques in papers.

  • Teach students to identify key/pattern in Maths questions

In Hannah Tuition, me and my assistant teachers help students to identify the key or pattern in Maths (or Science) questions so that they know which weapon/formula they can use. 😉 There are usually several formulas in 1 topic. Teaching them tips to identify certain pattern or format of the questions help to save a lot of time if they are to figure it out themselves through lots of practice.

  • Different levels of practices and quizzes

I do not believe in drilling students with questions but I believe in practice. The students will be given increasing levels of worksheets. For instance, some will start with foundation practices which build their confidence while they get familiar with the concepts. After which, they will move on to exam type of questions. Short quizes will also be given after every 2 or 3 lessons.

  • Before and After lessons monitoring

Students will be given links to my youtube channel, blog posts (where i expounded on certain concepts/questions/tips for some Maths or Science topics.) Sometimes, I will also send them links to some useful youtube educational videos to understand the topic before they come to classes. So they dont have the excuse “I dont know what my teacher is teaching in school. ” 😉 On monthly basis, I will also have students write down what careless mistakes/wrong concepts are corrected before the end of the lesson. This is extremely helpful for them to recapitulate and remind themselves not to repeat the mistakes again.

I wrote another post about hannahtuition classes. You can find it here.

Besides the academic knowledge that a teacher possess, I believe the trait of an effective teacher lies in the delivery method and also the ability to motivate the students to do well themselves. For me, this comes from the first 5 mins and the after-class chitchat where relationship is built. The students know I love them. I want them to do well and I will help them to achieve better results even if I get into their bad books by correcting their bad habits ( i.e forget to do homework, bring notebook, calculator etc). Once the child have a change in mindset, their confidence increase and they are on their way to greatness. 🙂

Yishun Good Maths Hannah Tuition believe in developing growth mindset for students to improve their grades

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