Hannahtuition review and students result

Take a look at Hannahtuition review and 2022 students WA results!

Gosh, i realised that I have not been updating this Hannahtuition webpage since end of 2021. I did post my friends’ results on my facebook page. What if one day, there is no more facebook?! Hehe.

Anyway, there are some Hannahtuition review and students’ results.


CT – Sec 3 Comb phy (80% A1)πŸ‘

SH – Sec 3 Pure Chem ( 90%) A1

IZ- Sec 1 Maths (86%) A1

YQ- Sec 3 Comb chem (From C5 to A2 )πŸŽ‰

JA – Sec 1 Maths (77% A1)πŸ‘

KI – Sec 1 Maths (98% A1)πŸ‘

RA – Sec 2 Maths (From C6 to B3)πŸŽ‰

KR – Sec 3 pure chem (From F9 to C6)πŸŽ‰

TH – Sec 3 Amaths (72% A2)πŸ‘

SA Sec 4 comb chem -20/20 (A1 FULL MARKS 😍🎊)

SH Sec 4 eMaths – 26/30 ( A1 86% πŸ‘)

OL Sec 4 pure chem – 28/35 ( A1 80%)πŸ‘

CT Sec 3 eMaths – 21/30 (A2 70% HIGHEST IN CLASS) πŸ’ͺ🎊

TI Sec 1 maths – 25/30 (83% A1 πŸ‘)

CH Sec 1 maths – 25/35 (71% A2 πŸ’ͺ)

QQ Sec 3 Amaths – 21/30 (70% A2 πŸ’ͺ)

~~~~~For those students who didn’t do as well this time, don’t give up! All of us may be distracted, out of sync and CARELESSπŸ˜‘ sometimes. Stay confident, learn from your mistakes and develop new strategies and habits to do well next round. You can do it! πŸ’ͺ😊

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