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Chemistry Salts Preparation

This post is on Chemistry Salts preparation. Some students find this chemistry topic a little daunting because of the amount of concepts they have to remember. I hope these 2 video clips can help student digest the concepts they need to remember as they can watch it as many times they like. I also put Read more about Chemistry Salts Preparation[…]

Common Olevels Chemistry questions

I decided to write about a few common olevels chemistry questions that I want my students to take note. Please note that I am explaining the key concepts in this post. Not just providing the answer keys. 🙂 Why does aluminium oxide has a higher melting point than sodium chloride? This is because Mg2+ and Read more about Common Olevels Chemistry questions[…]

Normal Technical Sec 3 Science Worksheet Energy

Over the years, i took in NT students. But sadly, i couldnt find any resources for them to practice. So sad. So over the years, i come up with questions for them. I decided to continue to do more resources for these group of students. Maybe one day, i can published my own NT science Read more about Normal Technical Sec 3 Science Worksheet Energy[…]

Magnetism and Elestromagnetism

Important notes and tips i want my sec 4 physics students to remember on this topic. Yes, you read it correctly. REMEMBER the following points! 🙂 A freely suspending magnet comes to rest with its N pole pointing North. Solenoid is a long coil of insulated wire. One way of demagnetism is to insert a Read more about Magnetism and Elestromagnetism[…]

Mrs Hannah Chew on maternity leave and some of her students 2016 SA1 results

Hello all! A big thank you to all parents who messaged me and send me gifts/hampers to congratulate me on the birth of my baby girl. I am enjoying my maternity leave now ( Apart from all the night duties and sleeping few hours daily. Hee). I will be on maternity leave till end of Read more about Mrs Hannah Chew on maternity leave and some of her students 2016 SA1 results[…]