Chemistry Salts Preparation

This post is on Chemistry Salts preparation. Some students find this chemistry topic a little daunting because of the amount of concepts they have to remember. I hope these 2 video clips can help student digest the concepts they need to remember as they can watch it as many times they like. I also put some captions in the video on the points that are important.

However, please pardon me for some English grammer mistakes and several ‘err’ fillers in my presentation. I am a Maths and Science teacher whose highest English grade is a B3. 🙂 I actually shelved the idea of doing teaching video for a long time because of my imperfect command of English. My hubby and some students encouraged me to do so and tell me that its my flavour. Ok, so here I am.

I find my expressions a little funny in the previous maths video. Hence, this time i decided not to stand in front of the camera. Hehe.

I dont know why you tube use this funny profile screen. Haha. If you know how to set profile pic for youtube videos, please let me know. 🙂

I hope these 2 videos are useful. 🙂

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I understand some students did not get to do titration experiment in Sec 3. The above picture is an illustration on titration. 🙂

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