Algebra Factorisation and common simplification mistakes

This week, I did a video on algebra factorisation for my secondary students taking mathematics. Algebra is in every chapter of the secondary maths syllabus. So to do well in secondary maths paper, i often empathise the importance of algebra in my maths classes.

Students need to simplify complicated algebra equations in many topics and they are able to do so only if they can do their factorisation properly. I hope the teaching video below is a good reminder for my maths students before their maths examinations in a few weeks time.

I also included some common algebra mistakes at the end of the video. Do prevent committing those common mistakes! 🙂

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There are some parts of the video whereby I look a little annoyed because my 4 year old son is in the room with me insisting to watch me finish the video teaching. He end up giggling at some parts of the video. Maybe he find his mummy funny. Haha. Well, this are some challenges of a work-at-home mum. I chose it! 🙂

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