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Common Olevels Chemistry questions

I decided to write about a few common olevels chemistry questions that I want my students to take note. Please note that I am explaining the key concepts in this post. Not just providing the answer keys. 🙂 Why does aluminium oxide has a higher melting point than sodium chloride? This is because Mg2+ and Read more about Common Olevels Chemistry questions[…]

Chemistry Qualitative Analysis. Cation Test

Some notes on Cation testing. 🙂 Some students have problem remember these coloured precipitates so i came up with some funny statements for students to remember these chemistry facts easier. 🙂 🙂 There are 3 coloured precipitates you have to know. Cu²+,Fe²+,Fe³+.  I have come up with a funny statement below to remember the colours Read more about Chemistry Qualitative Analysis. Cation Test[…]

Chemistry – Acids and bases (How to determine strong and weak acids)

There are some common questions on determining weak and strong acids. Yet usually cant find this in textbooks. This is because this type of question spans across a few chapters. 🙂 Most students have no issues understanding that the strength of the acid is indicated by their pH values. But often they miss out that Read more about Chemistry – Acids and bases (How to determine strong and weak acids)[…]

Good Results from my Sec 3 and Sec 4 girls….

Yoo hoo! I am extremely happy to receive these messages from these 2 upper sec girls… These two young ladies have low confidence in achieving good results for certain subjects. A pass will be good enough for them. I have seen them transformed into motivated students, willing to believe in themselves to ‘conquer’ their giant Read more about Good Results from my Sec 3 and Sec 4 girls….[…]