Maths tuition Yishun nothing can replace human touch

Secondary Maths Tuition in Yishun

Mrs Hannah Chew, a secondary Maths Tuition teacher who conduct home-based lessons in Yishun wants to talk about her views on online coaching versus face to face lessons. 🙂 I resumed my face to face Yishun secondary maths tuition lessons three days ago. It was liberating. I did not know that simply able to coach Read more about Secondary Maths Tuition in Yishun[…]

P4 Science Life cycles Worksheet

I only have 1 P4 class next year! 🙂 I pray that I will be able to raise these P4 students’ results to the next level. Here is the Science worksheet this week! There are no lessons for the next 2 weeks because I will be going away for my annual retreat. Yipee!