Mass and Weight

For my lower secondary science students, I found 2 cute clips that shows the differences on mass and weight.   After watching these 2 videos, I need you to do something for me. Do not worry. I will not ask you to sing. 🙂 I need you list down 4 differences between mass and weight. I Read more about Mass and Weight[…]

P4 Science ( Heat )

This year, I have only a few P4 students. They are the little ones of my flock as most of my students are in Secondary. Here are some questions on Heat. Parents, Please ask students to copy the questions onto their exercise books and attempt these questions as homework this week. Thank you! 1) State Read more about P4 Science ( Heat )[…]

Diffusion and Osmosis for Lower Secondary Science

2 of my sec 1 st nicholas secondary girls are studying diffusion and osmosis. They have just finished their science common test. Hope that they can do well ! 🙂 Went through this diffusion and osmosis worsksheet with them last saturday. I believe it was a great practice.

P3 Science (Living & Non-living things)

Hannahtuition Beloved P3 students, Last week, most of you did well for the first Science quiz. Good job! Mrs Chew went through some answering technique for Science questions and there is another quiz this week to brush up your answering Science question skills. Lets give ourselves one AWESOME clap because most of you scored 80% Read more about P3 Science (Living & Non-living things)[…]