PSLE Science Revision

During my PSLE Science revision class, ask 2 of my students to draw the graph of how the amount of gas in 2 containers will vary with time. Both gave very similar answers. But only one of them is correct. 🙂 Have a look. The graphs (drawn in red) are wrong. This is because the Read more about PSLE Science Revision[…]

PSLE Maths Revision Fraction & Percentage Problem Sums

I am very glad that many of my PSLE students did well or show great improvement in the prelims/mock exams/SA1 Maths. Kudos! PSLE is in 2 months time in Sep! Lets press on! * Very thankful for ALL my students and parents’ understanding this year as I am currently pregnant and I cancelled several lessons especially in Read more about PSLE Maths Revision Fraction & Percentage Problem Sums[…]

PSLE Maths Revision

Parents, this is the latest maths quiz that I prepared. These are common 4 or 5 marks problem sums. Students need to know how to tackle all of these problem sums. Will go through in class but students will be retested on these questions. Thanks!

P6 PSLE Maths Revision ( Whole numbers and fractions)

Realise some of my students are still weak on this type of problem sums. This type of problem sums requires students to identify the number of units and value of each units. Praying my P6 students will be able to absorb this mathematical concept well. 🙂

PSLE Science: Cells and energy lesson plans

I have decided to make some changes to my Science lesson plans this year. Science is suppose to be fun and experimental. I believe that is the sole reason I love Science and excel in this subject since primary school. In the past, I will drill students on Science questions, asking them to remember certain Read more about PSLE Science: Cells and energy lesson plans[…]