Hannahtuition 2022 Students results

This post is about Hannahtuition 2022 students results. These results are a continuation outpourings of 2022 students’ WA3 and Sec4 prelims results updates. I posted these results in my facebook end September. Decided to post them here too as many parents found me through google and this webpage too. 🙂 Students who did not do Read more about Hannahtuition 2022 Students results[…]

What is your purpose in life?

Recently, i have been pondering over this question. As we lived in a fast-paced society and one very much infused by social media, i began to wonder. To accumulate wealth or experience, flash them to the world, grow old then to die? God put some desires in my heart lately. I want to write articles Read more about What is your purpose in life?[…]

2018 CA1 testimonials

This year, I am very thankful that I am blessed with full classes.  I kept my group small at 6 and I have at least 4-5 kids in a class. Some classes are capped at 3 because of the subject combinations the students are taking.  All is well even my little toddler is suddenly going through Read more about 2018 CA1 testimonials[…]

Recap of 2017 SA2 and olevels results from graduating batch

Finally, i got the time to write my first 2018 post. End of last year is a very busy one and i only did holiday lessons for those who really need it. My place undergo 2.5 months of renovation and now have a ‘facelift’. Haha. Here are some of the pictures of my lovely place. Read more about Recap of 2017 SA2 and olevels results from graduating batch[…]