2018 CA1 testimonials

This year, I am very thankful that I am blessed with full classes.  I kept my group small at 6 and I have at least 4-5 kids in a class. Some classes are capped at 3 because of the subject combinations the students are taking.  All is well even my little toddler is suddenly going through a phase of night wakings and learning to sleep through the night again. Haha. I do admit i am feeling the strain of planning customized lessons and taking care of my 2 little ones at home. I thank God for a wonderful helper and a very awesome hubby who supported my work very much.

The below messages came in very timely. I will be lying if I tell you results dont motivate me. I am all pump up to face SA1 with my teenagers now! 🙂


Having said that, I appreciate students’ effort very much too. If they come in failing, getting a pass and getting more confident or independent in solving problems bring me much joy too.


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