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Suspension of Yishun Hannah tuition lessons due to covid-19

This post is to communicate the suspension of Yishun Hannah tuition classes due to covid-19 Since the announcement by MOH regarding the suspension of tuition classes and enrichment centre, I have set in measures to have minimal or no intermingling between students. I have arranged 1 to 1 lessons for most students (priority to sec Read more about Suspension of Yishun Hannah tuition lessons due to covid-19[…]

What is your purpose in life?

Recently, i have been pondering over this question. As we lived in a fast-paced society and one very much infused by social media, i began to wonder. To accumulate wealth or experience, flash them to the world, grow old then to die? God put some desires in my heart lately. I want to write articles Read more about What is your purpose in life?[…]

A recap of 2014 ( Students’ results, pregnancy and baby Ian)

Hi! Happy blessed 2015 to all! I have receive several (actually quite a lot of! )  messages via watsapp, sms and emails enquiring about my status as I have not been updating this blog for some time. I am so sorry for the delay in updates. It has been a very busy 3 months for me. Read more about A recap of 2014 ( Students’ results, pregnancy and baby Ian)[…]

Harvest Time… 2013 SA1 results…

Wow.. It has been a while since i post an entry. I had been so busy with tuition, revision lessons before the mid year examinations. After that, I escaped to a beautiful nearby Malaysian island for a relaxing holiday with my husband. I apologises for any delayed responses to enquiries, sms and emails. I still have Read more about Harvest Time… 2013 SA1 results…[…]

Wow! First term is over!

Over the past week, besides recieving more notification on my students’ good results, I am also busy coordinating the operations of HOPE ( Hannahtuition Online Practice/ Exercise) program. Busy! But still loving my job! 🙂   Tonight, I just want to take some time to write about some happy stuffs and concerns weighing on my heart for a Read more about Wow! First term is over![…]

Good news and not so good news…In the first quarter of 2013

Last few days had been filled with good news and not so good news.   Good news 1 I have received a notification from the administrator of domainofexperts.com . They asked for my permission to list me in their website. Wow. I have been to their website before and it feature high profile tutors, most Read more about Good news and not so good news…In the first quarter of 2013[…]

I thank God for kind parents and teachable students

Received this gift from one of my student’s mother. My favourite glutinous union peanuts rice!!! Yummy! I felt very touched and I thank God for nice ‘customers’. This is not the first time she gave food to me. she will ask the maid to make me milo when she knows I have not had dinner Read more about I thank God for kind parents and teachable students[…]

Becoming your best

Yes, competition to a certain extent is healthy and actually i love to compete. Win or lose, i enjoyed the progress. Wow, is it true? Or is it because i win most of the time? I do not know until a few years back when things start to fall apart in my life. The conclusion Read more about Becoming your best[…]

My first winter in my tuition journey

End Of Year (EOY) examinations are finally over! Whee…   It has been a tiring 2 months for me. I think i have accumulated close to 200 sessions in the past 2 months. Every student of mine was cramping last minute sessions. Haha.   I’m so thankful when the examinations ended. I celebrated by spending a relaxing week Read more about My first winter in my tuition journey[…]