Harvest Time… 2013 SA1 results…

Wow.. It has been a while since i post an entry. I had been so busy with tuition, revision lessons before the mid year examinations.

After that, I escaped to a beautiful nearby Malaysian island for a relaxing holiday with my husband. I apologises for any delayed responses to enquiries, sms and emails.

I still have not received many of my students results. I will be posting good news as and when I received them.


So far, there are several good news.

Geraldine S – Ngee Ann Primary (P3) ( 95% Maths, 87.5% Science)

Adam W – Jie Min Primary (P5) ( 83% Maths, 81% Science)

Joel Seah – Woodgrove Primary (P6) (72% Science)

Arifah – Riverside Sec (S3) (Amaths – 73%, Chemistry – 72%, Physics – 72%)

Shuan Lik – Yishun Town (S3) ( Amaths – distinction ) He is not sure on the actual mark though. :S

Ophelia O – Riverside Sec (S1) (73% Maths, 65% Science)

Zoey K – Riverside Sec (S1) (74% Maths, 69% Chem – highest in class, physics – 56%)

Nicholas C – North Vista Sec ( S3) ( Maths – 91%, Science – 88% ) [ Both subjects top in whole level]

Javier S – Chung Cheng High School (Main) (S1) (Maths 79%, Science – 56% —> Both subjects showed improvement from a failed grade in CA)

Olivia T – CHIJ Toa Payoh (S1) – Olivia doesnt have SA1 but her mum shared with me that she did well for her class and level tests. She is from the star plus class and got 5th in class. Praise God! 🙂


There are some of my students who did not perform as well. There are especially 2 students who used to do so well but dropped a few grades. 🙁

I am actually a little upset with some of their grades and confided with a fellow full-time tutor. ( A very dear sister in Christ)

What she shared with me was the best harvest of all.

Thank God for such precious encouragement, sent all the way from Prague via watsapp. She is in Europe for a few weeks, touring with her beloved husband.


” Look to the Lord. I also have students who need to improve. And constantly, the reminder is:

It is not about us. It is the Lord. The glory belongs to Him when students improve. Not our self-efforts. Pray and let go.

We only need to do my part and my best. He multiplies and prospers.

The students have to absorb the knowledge well too 🙂


Not easy when circumstances are contrary but hey! We go by faith not by sight. Let’s hold on to His promises together – His Word is true and they cannnot lie:

The Lord is our Shepherd whom we can depend on for wisdom. He prospers the work of our hands and set us high above.

His light shines through us. All glory belongs to Him. We are crowned with favour as in a shield. We have shalom peace from ALL sides.

The students whom He brings to us are drawn to the Jesus in us. “


Wow. I felt so touched.

Thank God for such beautiful words of encouragement that she put in this darling sister’s heart.

I feel so motivated to give my very best for my students again irregardless of their results.



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