Hannahtuition Zoom lessons Review Feedback

Tada! I created a google form to collect Hannahtuition Zoom lessons review and feedback from my students and parents. I got quite interesting answers. Take a look at my questions for them and some of their replies. A few are quite funny!

Everyone who replied wish to remain anonymous.????

Not all students replied. Some students who replied really leave encouraging notes even without leaving their names. Thank you all for taking part in Hannahtuition Zoom lessons review feedback process.

So fast! 1 month of zoom lessons just zoom pass! ???? I want to thank God that this year zoom lessons was such an upgrade from last year. I was feeling quite anxious and disappointed that I didn’t conduct my zoom lessons to my expectations last year. Zoom and online lessons were so new to me. Hence I gave students about 30% discount in tuition fees. This year zoom lessons was a level-up with 2 web cameras, tripod and writing tablet. Not only that, I managed to close up the monitoring homework loop by using seesaw class app. My assistant teacher can also log in to help me mark science practices. For Maths practices, I uploaded answers and solutions to their class activities page on seesaw and students have to self-mark and upload their marked work onto seesaw for me and my assistant to review. I adjusted the fees to 85% for zoom lessons too. 🙂

You can take a look at how my zoom or hybrid lessons are conducted in this previous post. ????

I also want to give thanks that Hannahtuition finally found a space she like to conduct most of the classes now. Hannahtuition will be shifting all classes to this location next year if all span out as planned. 🙂 Yay!!! This place is Little Smarties Student Care at Yishun Blk 156. (only 4-5mins walk from Yishun MRT and northpoint) Here is their facebook page.


Some classes will have more than 5 students (still capped at 8) because some classes have to be combined and shift out of my residential unit. The classroom space in Little Smarties is huge and student will be appropriately seated with social distancing. Classrooms are also disinfected between classes.

The walk-up staircase is at the back of level 1 shophouse. 🙂

There are many changes this year. And I feel that we all are adjusting well. Thank God for protection and favour upon us all. Amen. 🙂

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