Wow! First term is over!

Over the past week, besides recieving more notification on my students’ good results, I am also busy coordinating the operations of HOPE ( Hannahtuition Online Practice/ Exercise) program.

Busy! But still loving my job! 🙂


Tonight, I just want to take some time to write about some happy stuffs and concerns weighing on my heart for a while.


Happy stuff:

  • One of my S4 girl fell ill last week. I only knew when I am at her place. I asked her why she did not cancel the tuition after I saw her coughing incessantly. She told me ” Huh? Dont need la. I am ok. Cough only ” I felt happy for her. In my line, I see mainly 2 types of students. One type will cancel tuition or any assignment at the slightest aliment. They find things (actually any new stuff) difficult and find a lot of excuses for themselves. ( for example, training for their CCA has basically leave them no time to study)  🙁

Another type are students that are positive and motivated. They acknowledged that things get tough at times. They needs some motivation and pushs on their back for a while and off they go. They take off and soar! 🙂

I am happy for this student of mine because she belong to the latter group.

  • Most of my students who do well are not nerds. 🙂 OOps. I have nothing against nerds. In fact, i find them some of them are quite cute and intelligent. : ) But I am just making a statement that most of my students are not most who just study their whole day away. Some excel in their CCAs, some are active in their church youth ministry and some have time to hang out with friends quite often. I do not believe they are intelligent “by nature”. They

    prioritize their work well

and end up having time to study, and relax!


I thank you that God bless students with this wisdom.


  • I ended 15 minutes early for the girl who was ill last week. Messaged her mum to inform that I will pro-rate that lesson fee accordingly and charge less for that lesson. The mother replied swiftly that it is OK and that she will pay me the full fees.
  • 2 weeks ago, I was feeling quite giddy during one night lesson ( I believe its due to me missing dinner that day). That student’s mother know about it and even sms me to ensure I was safely home half an hour later.

I really thank God for many good “customers”.



  • I realise one of my student has the  “Everything is so difficult” attitude.  🙁  I tried to talk to her and told her our words has power. When we believe everything is hard, everything seems extremely tough. After that session, she do not seem to get it yet because she still comment “Its so difficult.” , no matter if she gets the question right or wrong. **Arrgh. Felt like pulling my hair.**


I will continue to talk to her.


I pray that God give me the correct words that will “wake her up” from this attitude and that my words carry weight.

I also pray for patience in this area.


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