What is your purpose in life?

Recently, i have been pondering over this question. As we lived in a fast-paced society and one very much infused by social media, i began to wonder.

To accumulate wealth or experience, flash them to the world, grow old then to die?

God put some desires in my heart lately. I want to write articles that speaks to youth and their parents. But seriously, which youth still read blogs when they have IG, snapchat? Haha. Whatever. I will write about hope. About love. About relationships.

I decided to start writing today. And this title came to my mind. Nope, sorry, i dont think its too deep for the youth. I believe youth that know their purpose or wonder about what their purpose is will lead a more fulfilling purposeful life. 🙂

So what is your purpose in life?

I see youth usually either in two extreme groups. One group is named ‘yolo’. Those endearing ‘hack care’ ones. 🙂

Another group is usually the logical type. Do well in exams, get a high paying job. When i asked them why? Because can buy nice things and go for nice holidays. Yes, who dont want that? This is always a good place to insert “Please do your practices. Good results dont fall from the sky” 🙂

My post is not to debate which group is better. Both dont fits the bill. 🙂 Because both groups are not exactly purposes.

Without purpose, there will not be passion. Without passion, there is seldom excellence.

So i arrange my pillows, rest on head quite high on them and think. And think. So whats my calling in life? Besides the spiritual portion which i am not going to share here, i think i have may another minor role to impact as many students/youth as possible so that they can grow up mentally strong and happy adults.

Perhaps i will take a course in counselling soon. I believe motivating students builds a strong foundation for me/any teachers to “lay” the academic stuff in their lives. I pray God bless me with wisdom and understanding and knowledge to be a good tutor, a good counsellor, a good business owner and most of all, a good mother. Amen.

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