Recap of 2017 SA2 and olevels results from graduating batch

Finally, i got the time to write my first 2018 post.

End of last year is a very busy one and i only did holiday lessons for those who really need it.

My place undergo 2.5 months of renovation and now have a ‘facelift’. Haha.

Here are some of the pictures of my lovely place. 🙂

















This year, I am blessed with more than 50 students and many students on the waiting list before the start of the year. This is truly a gift from God because last year was a challenging year with a lot of weak students. Thank God that most of my students did well in the end of year exams and yes, the olevels.

Last year, I took in 2 small classes of very weak sec 4 students. They are failing at 20-30s.

Thinking back, i do not know why i opened these slots too.

  • I do not know why but all of them happen to be able to fit into the timeslot
  • Graduating classes gave me the most income per class. ( Can i be real?) 🙂
  • The satisfaction when i see weaker students improving and having more confident in their academic work is priceless.


Anyway, Yes! All of them improved! and infact most of them did well. Only 1 girl in my graduating class got a C6 in her maths. (Actually, I am very glad that she passed.) and most of them scored Bs and As. Thank you Lord!


Some parents/students allowe me to post our communication screenshots online. Below are some some SA2 and olevels results of my students. Some called me over the phone after they received their olevels results. HOw i wish i can record those communication down and keep it as a memory.

All the best for my graduating students! Go ! Have a faith adventure in life!










[4th picture]: You maybe wondering what is so awesome about scoring 50%. This is pure joy for a student whom had been scoring 20 plus with no breakthrough. And I am extremely proud of her too.


















Currently now, I only got 2 slots left.

1 Amaths slot on Mon 5pm.
1 upper sec chem/physics slot on Sun 115

Students on my waiting list, im sorry i decided to leave these 2 slots for upper sec students. Thanks!


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