P4 Maths worksheet

P4 Maths practice on rounding off short questions and drilling on P4 students on modelling. 🙂 I still have 1 slot in my P4 Sat 1230-230pm class. Maximum 4 in a class. I will go through 1 hour Maths and 1 hour Science. Kindly call/sms me if you are keen. Thanks.

P5 Ratio Fractions Problem Sums

Did a short worksheet on Maths problem sums for my P5 students! Many of them did well in their MCQs and short questions. Problem sums seems to be the common obstacle. Here is a short worksheets to kick start their June holidays Revision!

P5 Fractions Quiz1

Parents of my P5 students, Here is the fraction quiz this week. Some of my did not do well. 🙁 Maybe still holiday mood. 🙁   Kindly sign and remind your child to do corrections. Thanks! There will be another short quiz on fraction word problems next week. 🙂