2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun

Hi Sec 1 Parents! 😊 There is a new class of 2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun on Weds 630-815PM.

There is ONLY 1 slot left!😁

Location: Yishun Blk 156. Little Smarties Centre.

Class size: Max 4 students. ⭐

Lesson duration : 1hr45mins to 2hrs 😊 (Not the usual 1.5hr. Travelling time will not be wasted) 😊

Monthly lesson structure: 3 lessons by Ms Tan. One lesson by Mrs Chew. 🀩Ms Tan is a straight A student (Olevels) except for EL. She can be an inspiration to youths who want to emulate her stellar results. Younger tutors like her also tend to build better rapport with youths. ( Ok, that’s why Mrs Chew try her best to be young at heart. β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜…)

Let me introduce the main teacher for this class. Ms Tan is a Yr 3 student from NTU materials engineering course. She scored A1 for both E-Maths and A-Maths in her O-Levels. She had previously done relief teaching in MOE schools and also had 3-4 years of tutoring experience. Ms Tan has personally took over some of my students and parents gave good feedback on her too. (See screenshots belowβ€οΈπŸ‘)

Mrs Hannah Chew (myself) will take the last lesson of every month so that I get to monitor the progress of the students. πŸ₯°

2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun
2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun
2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun

Students will be using Hannahtuition worksheets/exam papers. Together with 1 practice book (to be bought separately) to build foundation. More importantly, Mrs Chew and Ms Tan will ensure students are taught according to their topic progression in their individual schools (This is Hannahtuition unique value proposition as most group tuition follows tuition centre syllabus which may not be in sync with individual school topics)πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

Only 1 slot left for 2023 Sec 1 Maths Tuition at Yishun branch! Don’t wait until WA1 results are out! ☺️

Quick😊! Watsapp me at 82888792 for more information if your child is keen to take this slot. 😎I am sorry that I cannot hold or reserve slots. πŸ™† Slots will be given accordingly after parents have finished the registration process. Thank you! 😊

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