Energy Energy Energy!

Introducing  my P5/P6 students to the wonders of energy! 🙂 Please watch this video. You will be required to answer some questions on potential and kinetic energy during class.   Think! We use a lot of energy in our daily life. Can we SUSTAIN our energy supply to meet our demand? Watch the video till 5:28 Read more about Energy Energy Energy![…]

Upper Primary Science Reproduction

Hey, I want to thank my Mon 430PM class for a great start of my week! They are responsive, focused and we managed to finish quite a lot of things in this week lesson! Here is the reminder of the homework you have to complete! – Corrections for the past maths worksheets given back to Read more about Upper Primary Science Reproduction[…]

P5 Science – Cells

Teaching Cells to my P5 students this week. Take a look at animal and plant cell. We are doing comparison of these 2 cells and learning the different parts and functions of a cell. This is a plant cell. Try to fill in the blanks with the cell parts below! We will also be covering Read more about P5 Science – Cells[…]