P5 Maths Whole Numbers

First topic of Maths is usually the whole numbers. Followed by the fractions!


Some of my students shared with me that going school is like going to war. They feel so tired because they have to wake up so early and they have to keep fighting off the “sleepiness bug”. Haha!

Do not worry boys and girls! This is because you all have been sleeping late and waking up late during the holidays. Your body will need some time to get used to the change and all will be well and FUN again!


To all my dauntless P5 students, here is the Whole Numbers Worksheet this week. (* No excuse that you lose the worksheet!*)


I know some of you have almost finished the worksheet in class, I will be uploading a Maths Quiz tomorrow!

I will sms you and your parents after it is uploaded! Please attempt the quiz!


See you next week!


P5 World numbers_Page_1

P5 World numbers_Page_2


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