2012 is coming to an end. Looking back, I had a fruitful year. :)

2012 has been a year of unceasing fruitfulness. Thank God.

Besides promoting from Ms Ang to a Mrs Chew, my tuition business grew steadily as well. 🙂

My students did well and I had more referrals.


Here are some of my students’ achievements that top the list this year,

1) Jasmine Toh (Sengkang Sec)- Sec 2 NA

Top in class & level. She is promoted to Sec 3 Express. Not only that, she went to the first class, doing pure sciences next year!


2) Nicholas Chong ( North Vista Sec) – Sec 2 NT

Top in class, 3rd in level. He received offer to Sec 2 NA stream. However, he chose to promote Sec 3 NT next year. His parents and I respected his decision. 🙂



3) Joel Seah ( Woodgrove Primary) -P5

Improve 30-40 marks across all 4 subjects. He went on stage and received a award for Most Improvement.

[ His mum, Sally, left me a testimonal at “I want to hear yout thoughts” page. ] 🙂



I really thank parents of my students for working with me and taking my feedback positively.

I appreciate all efforts that my students put into their work and persevere to do well even when results are not very good at first.

Lastly, I thank God for blessing me with skills, patience and wisdom to carry out my tuition work.

Dear Lord, I look forward to a great 2013 and I thank You that it is even better than 2012. 🙂

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