P4 Science Magnets

Lately, I took up two P4 students for 2013.

For parents of Hannahtuition new P4 students, you may want to know more about my teaching process.

During the school holidays, I will focus on certain topics and after school starts, I will prefer to follow the topics covered by the teachers in school.

Primary students are younger and need revision on same topics untill the concepts gets into their long-term memory. 🙂

Taught the Science topic on magnets last week, so here are some questions for them this week.
Hardcopies will be printed and given to them during lessons. If the original copies are lost, kindly print out the worksheets from this website directly. Thanks!

P3 4 Magnet Qns_Page_1

P3 4 Magnet Qns_Page_2

P3 4 Magnet Qns_Page_3

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