Yr2020 Students’ results and testimonials. :)

This is an interesting year. When Covid hits our shore and we went into circuit breaker, I panicked. I just want to be real. I am concerned about my graduating batch. I am concerned about my income. But in 3 days, I followed what the most of folks in the tuition industry did. We transited to zoom teaching over a weekend. I went to purchase a tablet and came up with a zoom schedule for the students. Then I did zoom teaching over 3 months.

When phase 2 was announced, I was so happy to have my students come back for lessons. Some of my students continued online because I only take 5 students in a class. The joy of simply teaching students face to face, walking around the room to check on their work is immeasurable. I thank God for that.

I also thank God that many of my students reported improved and better exam results! What a good harvest for us all!

Here are some screenshots of my students’ progress these few months. Learning is a journey. Parenting and tutoring is a journey too. Lets encourage each other along the way. ????