October 15, 2012

Testimonials for Hannahtuition

Hey parents, or my beloved students, Thank you for taking time to write testimonials for hannahtuition. 

If you have any feedback regarding my blog, my Maths, Chemistry, Physics lessons, or just encouragement you want to shower upon me, please let me know by commenting on this page too.

I hope and believe that the students whom i coach will soar higher and higher as my lessons transform and improve continuously! Thank you for the 70+ testimonials for hannahtuition!!


Thank you! I did it!?

I am now working to produce more recap pointers videos or videos on common mistakes on my Youtube channel as some parents and students feedback that it is useful. ?

You can visit the link https://www.hannahtuition.com/algebra-factorisation-and-common-simplification-mistakes/ for examples of my Youtube videos. I started out doing these videos for my own students. It still have a long way compared to those professionally made education videos that is being sold. But I am sure, it bring my posts across. I already ordered some lightings to improve the quality of future recordings. 🙂

Finally, I believe the number of people one impacted or influenced in their life has far more significance than the qualification one have.

I want to share that academic results are NOT the ONLY way to prove that we are good. Also, it’s not DSA sports nor debate skills. A child who may be very good in sports/dance/debate competitions but is struggling in his/her maths or science should spend more time on these weaker subjects. Isn’t this what life is all about? Life is an art of balancing. Everyone learns at a different pace too. Stretching a child’s learning too much may be counter-effective, and worse, make them lose the love for learning. Success takes time. Some learn slower academically and it is OK. Patience and Perseverance are precious capabilities that can definitely help them go far in life. Just focus on getting better, one step at a time.

91 thoughts on “Testimonials for Hannahtuition

  • Hi Ms Ang, or Mrs Chew, would like to say that your tuition lessons have helped me with my weaker subjects and I like how the way you teached me unlike other tuition teachers before. I don’t really have any negative comments and thank you for teaching me!

    • Hey Ifah,
      Thank you! It has been a pleasure teaching you. You are a very teachable person and when I correct you, you don’t take it personally. Instead you focus on your problems and hence you help me to help you to get better and better grades!!! Yeah!!

    • Hi Ms Hannah
      I’m so grateful and thankful that you took my son Christopher in. As you know, he was failing A-Math when he came to you. He was very discouraged but somehow, he enjoyed your lessons and when he needed help in Science in Sec 4, he requested for you as he felt you made the most impact on him. So, from 20-30 something marks in both subjects in school, I just want to share that he attained an A2 in A-Math and a B3 in Science in his O levels exams. This, I believe is a result of the tireless dedication of you as tutor, and the child’s self motivation because you believed in him and never gave up. Thank you Ms Hannah.

      • Good news like these make me continue what I do. Christopher is very teachable and he deserves these huge improvements. Wishing him all the best in his future endeavours!

  • Hi Ms Ang, I have benefited a lot from your tuition lessons. I had really bad grades from the start of last year and now it had improved by a lot. Negative comments? Nope!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hey Lik,
      You are a fast learner. But please promise me to revise your work so as to retain the information or knowledge you learned? hee. 🙂

      Don’t worry. You can still play your guitar! I am sure you have the wisdom to know what is important at different times. 🙂

      Lets work hard together for amazing Sec 3 results!!

  • Hi MrsChew :p! I really enjoy your lessons a lot as it benefited me. I remember how i use to get those just pass marks in primary school, but however after you tutoring me in secondary school, my grades for my maths and science improved to an A1. Every time without fail, when i dont understand what you’re saying, you would explain till i understand! & you would do videos to teach us how to do a certain question when we don’t have lessons until the next week. I don’t have nothing to complain, so yea, thank god and god bless you :p.

    • Hey Jas,

      You are such a lively girl! Someone who burns midnight oil during revisions and still can take great pictures and share it on instagram! I love this positive attitude!

      Although sometimes, i have to ask you to ‘ssshhhh’ because you are simply too energetic and ‘loud’. Haha. But i am very sure your future is bright!

      Continue to shine! and motivate your friends!

      I am glad to be able to coach you.

      God bless you richly too! 🙂

      • Hi Teacher Hannah, thank you so much for teaching me chemistry and physics for this year. The lessons with you were definitely information and enjoyable. Thank you for being so understanding and nice towards me. Thank you for all that you have helped me with because without you my science would definitely be done poorly. Thank you! ?❤️❤️❤️

  • hi ms ang 🙂 I really like your tuition lessons because the timing is flexible and my emath has improved a lot ! thank you ! there’s nothing I dislike about your lessons just that sometimes I dread tuition cuz I’m lazy LOL

    • Hi Jasmine,

      You are a very smart girl.
      And no, you are not lazy. I don’t want you to keep confessing the wrong things. 🙂

      Tuition timing flexible? Haha. That is because your place is very near to mine. And you didn’t change tuition really a lot. If you change often, i will “scold” you. Hee.

      Lets give our best shot for your O Levels next year! 🙂

  • Hi mdm Ang,so far you are the best tutor I ever met. You had boost all my subject to A. I have no doubt on your teaching method. You are the best!!

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Mdm Ang? Wow. Cool.
      I thought you always call me Cindy?

      Nicholas, like i always tell you. You just need to brush up on your English and the rest will fall in place. 🙂
      Thanks for being a nice student. 🙂

  • I love your teaching:D Your motivations and all. Thank you! All my subjects improved. Especially my Maths and Science(:

    • Hey Jessie,

      Thanks for putting in effort. I know its not easy to come in the middle of the year and have to catch up with the rest.
      I am happy to know your EOY results! *thumbs up**

      See you soon for holidays lessons!

      : )

  • Cindy is hired as my 11 years old son’s Maths and Science tutor two years ago. During that time, my son, Joel was very poor in Maths and Science scoring less than 30 in both subjects. Joel is hyperactive and a short attention span boy who cannot sit still at the study table for more than 30 mins and would frequently asked for break during tuition. Despite difficulty, Cindy is patient and encouraging. Cindy always uses interesting tuition technique to keep Joel focus. After two years, Joel is more confident and interested in Maths & Science. Joel passed his Pri 5 SA2 Maths & Science with both 62. I believe with Cindy’s continuous coaching, Joel will improve further and can do well in his PSLE. I’m very satisfied with Cindy and will recommend her tuition to others.

    “Life is like a mountain. Some days are tougher and some days are easier. All we need to do is keep moving and we will make it to our destination.”

  • Hi Mrs Chew,
    I would like to enquire on sec 1 science for 2014. Pls let me know the schedule and fee. What is the maximum number of students per group?
    Is your place within walking distance from yishun mrt?

    Thank you

    • Hi Mrs Ong, my sec 1 science class is full. I do have a sec 1 maths class on sat 3-5pm. I also cover half an hour science where students can ask me science questions or I will go through common science exam questions. I only take in a maximum of 4 students in a class. Yes, my location is 5 mins walking distance from Yishun MRT. Do let me know if you are keen. Thank you!

    • Hi Sharon, my 1 to 1 slots are few and are currently full. I do have a small group tuition class (only left 1 place) on sat 1230 to 230pm where I cover both maths and science. Thanks.

  • Hi Hannah,

    I am very keen to send my girl for P6 Science tuition. Can I know what is the class size, schedule and your fees.


  • Dear Hannah,
    I came across your blog while excavating teaching resources and I have got to say that the discovering of your inspirational blog was definitely much more powerful- it has an eternal value to me.

    I would like to tell you that I could not be prouder of you of the work that you do. Everyday, you play the role of creating future leaders in the vast field of different vocations in an unimaginable way. I would like to encourage you with a reminder that all of us are stationed on this planet for God’s existing purpose, and the truth is that you are part of Him smiling every single moment.

    With Blessings,

    • Hi Francis,

      Thanks for your uplifting and encouraging message.

      Yes, I thank God for bringing me all these future leaders. Also, thank God for the grace to be a coach and mentor to many. Sometimes, I have my frustrations too when things are not going accordingly to my plan. God is faithful and best of all, He has a better plan. 🙂

      God bless you.


  • Hello mrs chew! I enjoy having tuition with you and I always look forward to every tuition lesson as you motivated me to start liking maths and science which were my weaknesses in the past. Now, my grades have been improving tremendously since last year and I am very happy to have a teacher like you because you gives us adequate amount of homework regulary which is like a revision I take as. THANKYOU!! 🙂

    • Isabel!!!
      Then why your results this time didn’t show that you learn a lot from me? *sob sob*

  • Hi Ms Ang, Just like to check if you still have anymore seats availability for my children for Maths class ie; a Secondary 4, a Secondary 2 and a Primary 5. The secondary Secondary 4 will require Add Maths and Chem. Also please let me know the classes schedule and fees. Cheers!

    • Hi Mrs Chan, sorry for the late reply. December was a very busy period as I just gave birth to my baby boy in oct. I do have a slot in my psle maths class ($195/ 4 lessons) on Fri 5pm. My sec 2 and sec 4 maths classes are currently full. kindly contact me at 82888792 if your child is register for the psle class. Thanks.

  • We were so blessed to have Teacher Hannah coaching my gal in her P5 and P6 for Math and Science. She was a weak student and Ms Hannah was always patiently explaining the concepts and techniques of tackling the questions. Thanks to Teacher Hannah’s patient guidance and constant motivation, she went from a D to B achiever in PSLE. Heartfelt thanks.
    God Bless Teacher Hannah & her family.

    • Hi Peixian’s Mummy, Thanks for the testimony.
      I apologise for the cookie in the comment option that prevent you to post comment previously. Thanks for letting me know about the problem and re-keying the comment.

      God bless you and family too!

  • always interesting to read up on new teaching materials and methods from Teach Hannah, hopefully in the future i will get to use her services for my future family

  • Hi Miss Ang!

    Thank You so much for being such an Awesome Tutor.
    I was introduced to Ms Ang by my Classmate and started off with Her in early February in 2014 for Science Tuition as I really needed coaching.
    She squeezed in her late evening slots for me even though she was really tired after a long day and sometimes nauseous (cos it’s her 1st trimester) just because I needed help for my N Levels.
    She used interesting methods and acronyms to help me remember my formulas because I had a weak foundation. Science has always been my weakest subject and my grades were usually ungraded (20+/100) . However, under the guidance of Miss Ang, I improved by leaps and bounds by Mid Year, and finally achieved a B3 for N levels which allowed me to get into PFP.

    Miss Ang inspired me to find my goal and made me capable of realising it.

    A Big Thank You from the bottom of my Heart for being strict but yet approachable and warm at the same time. I enjoy every lesson you’ve taught and grateful to have been under your guidance. God Bless! (:


  • I’m very fortunate to have Cindy as my daughter’s tutor since she was in Sec2 in 2012. Since then my daughter has picked up her mathematics and science. In 2014, my daughter sat for her N Level & mathematics for O’ Level, she scored distinctions for science & mathematics in her N Levels as well as for mathematics in her O Level. Thanks Cindy for your great guidance, my daughter has done well in her examinations – she has scored 5 distinctions overall.

  • Ms Cindy,

    Thanks so much for your guidance and advice given to my son, Adam (sec 1) in the last two months.

    I’m so glad that Adam’s result has improved from F to A1 in SA1.

  • Hi Mrs Chew, Thanks for teaching Chervyn since P5. She has improved her math from fail to scoring As in Sec 1. You have been patient and accommodating with her. I am sure she will excel further with your continuous guidance. Math has becomes her best subject in Sec 1.

  • Mrs Chew, you are a tutor who takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart! I just want to thank you for your effort and guidance. Barely two months into tuition, Shaun scored 32/40 for CA2 Science. His new-found confidence thru this CA2 had even prompted him to switch his MA tuition to you willingly. He told me “Mrs Chew can help me.” While preparing for his SA2 revision, he skipped those algebra and equations topics which he is normally weak in and said “I know the concept and strategy already, I can solve even tougher equations,Mrs Chew taught me.” Of course I assumed that he is trying to procrastinate again!! SA2 results are out, Maths from a Fail (SA1) TO B3 and Science from a C5 (SA1) to A2!!! Your influence had motivated him to achieve. He is fortunate to have you as a tutor as well as a mentor.

  • Thank you Teacher Hannah for being patient towards Evan. He has been enjoying his tuition and understand from him that he has learnt a lot of how to face those hard topics. He has done well in his Maths, especially is not easy for him to attend Express Maths Class. Hopefully he can continue to score A1 in future.

    Thank you .

  • Hi Mrs Chew,
    I thank God that I came across your blog and enrolled my son to your math tuition class. He had never passed his math since Primary 3 but after attending your class he managed to pass his test and examination. He just got his math test result and he got a A1. I can see that he is more confident and happy now of which i have not seen for so many years.
    Thank you Mrs Chew
    May God bless you & family

    Mrs Koh

  • I want to write this testimony to say a Big thank you to Mrs Hannah. My son failed most of his maths tests and exams in sec 2. After 3 months of tuition with Mrs Hannah, he got a B for his first common test in sec 3. He is more confident in maths now. Thanks.

    Mrs Eunice Tay

  • thank you mrs chew u helped me alot over the 2 years and i always had alot of fun during your classes i have improved alot in emaths and amaths thanks to ur guidance thank you for being patient with me when i could not get the question right i am v lucky to have been in your class

    • Hi Elysia, Thanks.

      Jia you Jia you for the olevels at the end of the year. You can do it. 🙂

  • Dear Mrs Chew,

    She is a kind & patience tutor, who taugh my son since sec 2. She will always keep update us on the progress . She dnt mind to give extra lessons.

    Thank you so much

  • Hi Hannah
    I am so thankful to have chanced upon your blog and found you as an agent for tuition. However God did a wonderful turn around and you were able to offer your tuition class to my girl instead.
    Your determination to make students excel and sticking to your firm belief on buidling the strong foundation by making the students memorise their concepts actually made my girl scored better!
    Thank You for working closely alongside with the students.. especially the weaker ones like my girl. She could feel your passion and love and is also very thankful to have you as a tutor!
    God bless!

    • I can see her improve much in few these months. I hope she do well in the coming o levels and she is able to get into the course she wants. 🙂

  • My son managed to get into Mrs Chew’s class this mar. He has been on waiting list since beginning 2016. He has been failing since sec 1. But after a few months of tuition, he achieved B3 in SA1 and i just got his SA2 result. Its 77. A1. Im so thankful to Mrs Chew. Thank you Mrs Chew for being ‘firm’ with him and yet encourage him. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the testimony Mrs Woo.
      Ray is very teachable. Although i corrected him several times, i still find favour with him. Thank God. Looking forward to his gd results in Sec 3! 🙂

  • Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for the guidance and patience towards Lea and she had shown more interest in Maths now. Hope she will excel further in time to come.

    Mrs Ang

    • Thks for the testimony Mrs Ang! I will do my best! Glad to know she has been scored distinction ( 80%) this SA2. Thanks for working with me.

  • Ms Hannah has been very encouraging and good guidance to my daughter Jeslina. Jeslina is in Sec 2 and has improved tremendously from failing to distinction in SA 1 & SA 2. No words to describe the joy. Thank you!

    • Hi Noris, sorry for the late reply. I was very busy with my home renovation end of last year. I no longer teach lower primary. I only teach p6 to sec 4 now. Most of my classes are secondary classes currently. Hope you find a good tutor for your child. Thanks.

  • I first joined Ms Hannah’s tuition in the later part of 2017 as a O level student. I was desperate to improve my science and maths (i was failing with both subjects at F9) as my O level papers were a few months away. Ms Hannah’s very customized teaching methods has helped me improve tremendously through her patience and sternness. Ms Hannah herself is a lovely and motherly lady who never failed to make me smile despite how late my tuition timing was. I have gone to other tuitions that just became my “weekly routine” however, at Ms Hannah’s place, tuition became a learning experience that I looked forward to twice weekly and I became more vocal in asking questions 🙂 Through much effort from her and myself, I finally passed both subjects with a C6 in Emaths and B4 in Combined Science for O levels! I am very thankful for Ms Hannah’s guidance and continuos determination to help me improve and ultimately helping me to succeed in my academics!

  • Ms hannah,
    Thankiew so much for being such a amazing tutor! Im glad that i got into your class,i have improve a lot after your help.:)
    -yang ting

  • hi ms hannah ! i would like to thank u so much for accepting me as one of ur students at the start of sec 4! i really admire and appreciate ur dedication in teaching us students and making sure we know the basics and slowly, the higher difficulty questions. i managed to go from failing a maths to getting a distinction in o levels thanks to u ! thank u ms hannah ! hope everything goes well with ur future !

  • Mrs Chew, last friday was a happy day for our whole family including the grandparents. Dylan got his all distinctions for his a maths, emaths and chem for olevels. Thanks for teaching Dylan from p6 to sec 4. Too bad, you no longer teach JC anymore. Wishing you all the best in everything. Thanks once again.

  • hi ms hannah!! i’ve been ms hannah’s student since sec 1 and you’ve helped me improve drastically in lower sec from failing to distinctions and helping me keep up and understand amaths well in upper sec and finally i got a distinction in both maths for olevels. ms hannah’s detailed and customised lessons helped me a lot! thank you ms hannah!

  • I joined teacher Hannah’s tuition in 2017. I needed help in my mathematics and chemistry. My first lesson there i started feeling awkward at first but teacher Hannah easily welcomed me and gave me positive learning environment for me to learn and improve. The learning process was tough at times but fruitful in the end i look back being thankful for all i have learnt and am still learning right now. Although i am still a work in progress, i have improved in under the guidance of teacher Hannah from a D7 in my math to a B4 currently and i am not done yet! As well as for my science i continue to improve slowly and work towards the goal at O levels.

  • Hi Mrs Chew! Although I only joined the class at the beginning of the year, my chem and amath improve. Especially chem, from a D7 to an A2. Thanks a lot:)

  • I am so very grateful that I had found Mrs. Chew as my son, Yu Hao, Sec 3 A-maths Tuition teacher, she was a very kind and caring tuition teacher whom will update me my son progress time to time…With only months of teaching, My son had scored his first Distinction during the recent mid year exam… I was thrilled ..I hope my son could continue to work hard and score good results under the teaching of Mrs. Chew.. Thanks a lot..:))

  • I enrolled my daughter in Mrs Chew’s maths class for sec 1 since beginning of this year. My daughter enjoys her class and she has been consistently getting good grades (A1/A2)since attending her class. Mrs Chew is dedicated and always shows concern in my daughter’s grades. You will hardly find tutors like her. Thanks, Mrs Chew!

  • My daughter used to fail her maths since primary school and her PSLE result was a “D”. We engaged several tutors for her but her result has not shown improvement. However since she started her tuition with Cindy Hannah this year, I am happy that she is now able to achieve A1! She has received “great improvement” recognition from her school as well!
    Really appreciate Cindy Hannah’s dedication and commitment for creating this miracle. This will not happen if Cindy’s help! Once again, Thank you Cindy!

  • Both my boys joined Teacher Hannah’s Science tuition this year. The one who is taking O levels had a jumped of 2 levels and gained confidence in his studies. The younger one also improved tremendously. Personally, I felt that Teacher Hannah is very dedicated and always try to motivate the kids. Thank You for everything.

    • Thank you Iris for your testimony. Sorry that i need to change lesson timings sometimes. Thanks for being so understanding.

  • Mrs Chew has been a great teacher. From a C grade in Science and Math for CA1 to A1 for SA2 now. A very dedicated and neticulous teacher. Her teaching method is very interesting too. Thank you for everything!

  • Hi Mrs Chew, I would like to thank you for teaching me and guiding me throughout my sec 2 journey. I started with you after my CA1, for Science and a little later for Math. I improved alot on both my subjects especially for my Math. From a C5 to A2 overall, I was really glad that I was able to score well and see my improvement every exam.
    Thank youu:))

  • Thank you teacher Hannah for your patience and encouragement.
    Me and my husband have seen a tremendous improvement in our son’s Chemistry and Math subject, he was from barely passed since Sec 3 (grade D/E) to grade B3 in O level.
    We are rejoice with his results and thankful for your help and guidance.
    Thank you teacher Hannah for always believing in him.
    May God bless you and bless the labor of your hand always.

  • Thank you, Hannah. My daughter was struggling with both math subjects in Sec 3 and 4. Your help in her sec 4 year really made a difference. She received A2s in both math and that is a real achievement for her, considering the difficulty of the papers this year and her struggle with the subject. Thank you so much! God bless!

  • Hi mrs chew, thank you for bringing out such wonderful lessons and guiding me into doing well in my exams. I started tuition with you after sec2 MYE, scoring C5 for math. After EOY, I managed to get a B3 for math and got into Amath! Later on I joined your tuition for science and I have been doing well for combined science and both math subjects and I am thankful to be seeing improvements throughout my journey with you ?

  • Hi Hannah. Thank you for coaching my girl, Xeanne. Since Primary school, she never pass her Science and fail her Math frequently. These patterns continue in her Sec 1. However, since joining you Dec 2018, her results for both her Science and Math improved tremendously. She passed her Sec 2 Science test now and gotten 86% for her recent Math test. As she is seeing improvement and better understanding in her Science and Math subjects, Xeanne is now more willing to get her school and tuition homework done this year without me nagging her.
    Appreciate your effort and patience coaching her. Thank you.

  • Hi Ms Chew, Thanks for being such a patient and helpful teacher, my combined science grades have improved from failing to a pass after I started attending your tuition lessons 🙂

  • Teacher Hannah has been extremely patient and generous in her sharing of knowledge. She has helped my daughter renewed her interest in learning and achieved consistent improvement. Highly recommended!

    • Thank you for taking time to write this testimony. I was a little worried for Crys when she came in with 30s results. But she is a very teachable girl. She completed all my homework and come for additional classes if i have free slots. It was a pleasure teaching her, seeing her so determined to excel despite her weak foundation. Well done and lets try harder in sec 4! 🙂

  • Hi Ms Chew, thank so much for helping me improve in Add Math and Science (Chemistry) alot. I definitely improved alot from Sec 3 when you helped me understand the subject and simplified concepts for me. I still remember having very low confidence in Amaths and was even thinking of dropping the subject. Now, I am aiming for a distinction in Olevels.

    The few months with you for Science Chemistry was definitely helpful and I went from the LAST in class for Chemistry to being able to pass!

    Thanks so much for not giving up on my laziness and low-confidence 🙂

  • Hi Teacher Hannah, thank you for teaching me chemistry and physics. The lessons with you were informative and enjoyable. Thank you for all that you have done to help me improve my science grades tremendously. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Kathleen, You were a very teachable girl and are willing to put in extra effort for the weaker subjects.
      I look forward to a Distinction grade in your Olevels!

  • hey teacher hannah !! thankyou so much for teaching me math for the past year ! with your help and patience , i managed to turn my single-digit U grade into a 4 point for my n lvl’s result , which was higher than what i was expecting ! and i am more than happy with my big improvement :))

    i’ve never been good at math but after about a year of your guidance , i made an improvement i’d never thought i make ! and once again thankyou !!

    • I am so so so happy for u Charlene!!!

      U came in at the beginning of sec 4 with past results of 20s and 30s. I was quite worried but you always complete the hw given. I can see your determination to do well. 🙂

  • Thank you Cindy for teaching my daughter. In just a few months, her A-math results jumped from F9 to C5. Thank you for putting in so much effort to teach my daughter!

  • Hi Mrs Chew

    I would like to thank you for helping my daughter Kathleen Tay scores A2 in her O level examination. We are very happy with her results which show great improvement. Once again thank you for your teaching.

    Mrs Tay

  • Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for coaching both my daughters.

    As for my eldest daughter, Charlene passed her N-Level Math with a C4! My wife and I are happy with the result because she always weak in the Math. Now she is Sec 5 and preparing her O-level Math. With your guidance and coaching, she is coping well in her preparation for her O-level Math.

    Really appreciate of your coaching with my second daughter, Xeanne. Your Math coaching during her Sec 1 and Sec 2 gave her much confidence and she scored exceptionally well in her Math in 2018 and 2019. It is heartening that she requested to strive out her Sec 3 without Math tuition and she currently coping well in her Sec 3 Math. Hannah, you have imparted her with a good base and foundation in her Math understanding and now she is confidence to manage it herself.

    Thank you Hannah.

  • I like to express my sincere appreciation for Ms Hannah’s coaching for my girl, Joen for past one year. We started with her last year Oct when her Maths grade was failing and desperate for help. Even during the Circuit Breaker, Hannah was able to provide alternative tuition over Zoom and my girl had been improving her grades since then.
    I am very happy to know by end of this year paper, my girl is able to improve from a failed grade to A2 (came in third in her class). That was an impressive achievement which I am proud of her!
    All these won’t be possible without Hannah’s professional coaching and constant reminder on her careless mistakes. Thank you, Ms Hannah!

  • hi mrs chew,
    thanks for being patient when answering all my questions (many of which i think i repeatedly asked you haha) i’m happy that i got my A1 for olvl chem 🙂 i used to get a B4 consistently but you helped me to get ‘unstuck’ in sec 4 so thank you very much!

  • Hi Teacher Hannah,

    You have been very patient, intuitive, and supportive when teaching.Thank you for all that you have done, imprpving my results from a C5 to a A2.

  • Kelly Lim on Nov2020: My son’s A-maths result improved tremendously after Teacher Hannah’s teaching …She is a friendly teacher who encourages and motivate students…Showing care and concern to them including surprise treats at times….Huge thanks to Teacher Hannah…❤️❤️????????????????
    [Source: Hannahtuition facebook page reviews https://www.facebook.com/MathsAndScienceTuitionAtYishun/ ]

  • Daphne Zhu on Jan2021: Mrs Chew is a dedicated and approachable teacher. I joined Mrs chew after failing Emath in sec 2 MYE, with her help, I got a B3 and was able to take on Amath in sec3. Mrs chew was able to boost my confidence in Amath and I improved from a D7 to B3 in Olevels! I also had combi sci tuition with Mrs chew and was able to constantly score As throughout sec3&4, eventually scoring an A2 in Olevel ???? Thank you Mrs chew ????
    [Source: Hannahtuition facebook page reviews https://www.facebook.com/MathsAndScienceTuitionAtYishun/ ]

  • Kaledeine Kong on Oct2020: My daughter Nicole has been moderately strong in maths since Sec 1 with quite a bit of practice. When she chose to study Amaths in Sec 3 this year, I was quite worried as I thought she would not be able to cope with the topics. However, under Cindy’s tutelage, she has done well! She has been maintaining A1/A2s for the whole year.
    [Source: Hannahtuition facebook page reviews https://www.facebook.com/MathsAndScienceTuitionAtYishun/ ]

  • Daniel Tay on Oct2020: The tutor, Mrs Chew is the subject matter expert in Math and Sciences. My child is in good hands being guided by her. Improvement is consistent as my child is able to do better and better for each school assessment. Do go to Mrs Chew early if child encounters difficulties. She is able to assist in a timely manner!
    [Source: Hannahtuition facebook page reviews https://www.facebook.com/MathsAndScienceTuitionAtYishun/ ]

  • Ho LC on Sep2020: Was looking for Chemistry tuition teacher for my girl and saw Hannahtuition’s blog. After reading the good review, decided to let my Sec 4 girl try as her result seem to stagnant and she was worry.
    After months of tuition by Mrs Chew, She has improving consistently and got A2 for her pure chemistry prelims ????and she is so much more confident now.
    Will be sending my another girl for Mrs Chew chemistry tuition soon ????
    [Source: Hannahtuition facebook page reviews https://www.facebook.com/MathsAndScienceTuitionAtYishun/ ]

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