2015 Students Results

2015 is flying by, isn’t it? My son, Ian, is already a toddler by the time I write this post. This year started quite tough as my son was admitted to the hospital when he was 3 months old. It was a very trying period for me, as a first time mother. I thank God Read more about 2015 Students Results[…]

Algebra Sec 1 Simplify, Factorise, Solve

Hey! To my Tues Sec 1 Maths students, here is the algebra worksheet homework. Please complete and hand in next lesson. You may print out the worksheet or just write the questions in your exercise book. Do not forget to complete them. Failure to do so will face ‘punishment’ next lesson. Hee. Jeslina and Tessa, Read more about Algebra Sec 1 Simplify, Factorise, Solve[…]

Sec 1 Maths Exercise on HCF LCM

Hi Hannahtuition Sec 1 students, Common test around the corner already right? Many of you did not do well in the last HCF and LCM exercise. Complete this and hand up to me next lesson. Thanks!

Secondary 1 Maths ( Factors and Multiples)

Hey all, Hannahtuition Mighty Sec 1 students! I know most of you are moving to the next chapter on real numbers and approximation soon.   Here are some questions to see if you know your HCF and LCM stuff well. Hardcopy will be printed and passed to you in class. You need to finish it Read more about Secondary 1 Maths ( Factors and Multiples)[…]