Beautiful Sunday

Although i rushed several tuition assignments last Sunday ( which i dont usually do as┬áSunday is the only get-together day with my husband), i enjoyed myself and i believe my students enjoyed the classes too. I was exceptionally happy because one of the student whom had been giving me problems by not doing his homework Read more about Beautiful Sunday[…]

Every child is a gem unpolished

I say every child is a gem unpolished. Yes, u heard me right. Unpolished. Whether or not, the child excels in his/her studies, they are still unpolished gems. Polishing requires enjoying trials, problems, success, and experiences in life every day. Polishing requires building castle in the air and putting foundations below them. Polishing requires practice Read more about Every child is a gem unpolished[…]

Discipline Not Abuse

I thought this is a nice short clip on disciplining children. I want to share some useful discipline methodology which I have learned from Sunday school (My husband shared these tips with me). I find them particularly useful with my own students. ­čÖé – Maintain eye contact when you are talking to the kids. This Read more about Discipline Not Abuse[…]