Pure Chemistry Electrolysis Short Quiz

Hey Sec 4 pure chemistry troopers, this electrolysis quiz tests on concepts not answering techniques.

Try to answer these short questions in 30 mins. Go!

  1. When ions are discharged at the electrodes, they form _______ or _____________.
  2. Give two examples of strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes and non-electrolytes.
  3. Oxidation takes place at anode/cathode?
  4. Anode is connected to the positive/negative terminal of the battery.
  5. State 3 factors that determine the selective discharge of ions.
  6. Explain why the ions of metals lower in the reactivity series are preferentially discharged over those higher in the reactivity series.
  7. Does the selective discharge of ions depends more on the position in the reactivity or its concentration?
  8. State the products formed at the anode and cathode in the electrolysis of concentrated hydrochloric acid.
  9. State the difference in the observation of anode and cathode in the electrolysis of aqueous copper (II) sulfate using carbon electrodes and copper electrodes.
  10. Predict the products of electrolysis obtained at the anode and cathode of molten sodium hydride.
  11. Explain the changes in the colour of copper(II) sulfate solution and the changes in the pH when the electrolysis are conducted using
    • carbon electrodes
    • copper electrodes
  12. For electrolysis, the object to be coated is made the anode/cathode.


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