Interesting Sound Video

Sound is a topic in lower secondary science and in upper secondary physics.

Came across one video on sound on facebook and thought that its pretty cool. Decided to share it here with my students.


Click on the SOUND link to watch.



Exercise your brain a bit now. Try to answer the following questions. đŸ™‚

1) Sound waves are ____________ waves.

2) Sound waves are made up of a series of ___________ and _____________ when surrounding air particles move close and far away from each other.

3) Sound waves travel ______________ to the direction of the vibrations/movement of the air particles.

4) The speed of sound in air is _______________

5) We can use the speed of sound and time taken for the echo to calculate the depth of sea bed and distance of walls etc. The distance obtained when we multiply speed of sound and the time taken of the echo has to be divide by _________ to get the depth.


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