October 15, 2012

hannahtuition Vision & Goals

Below are several shout-outs from hannahtuition’s heart;

1st shoutout: Children Should be taught How to Think Not What to Think 🙂

I like to challenge my students to think or relate to similar questions or logic when the students ask me to solve certain questions. I realise some children did not realise they give up easily when faced with some “seemingly difficult” problems.

Most of the time, I do not need to tell them the solution. Just prompt them a few questions and they can solve it themselves!! YEA!!

(Never underestimate how much knowledge and skills children can pick up. When I am coaching golf part-time to pre-schoolers, most of the parents can not believe when we told them our target is to train these kids to complete an executive par 3 golf course.)


2nd shout-out: Involve children during teaching ( No more 1 way communication please! )

You can not teach a child to swim when both of you are not in the water.

Both teacher and the students need to get into the pool.

A child learns best when they feel safe to explore, to ask questions and to fail.


3rd shout-out: Maths is not boring! 🙂

Most of the children no longer “brand” Mathematics as a boring subject after they understand certain concepts and do well in the Maths exams. 🙂


4th shout-out: Let me proudly present Hannahtuition goals! *clap clap*


5th shout-out: Yes! you can contact me anytime ( i mean it! 🙂 ) But my family always comes first! Whee!


There are so many things I want to do. But there are only 24 hours a day.

I pray that God prospers the works of my hands and let me achieve much using the time I have. 🙂

Re-blogged from one of my Sep12 entries. 😉

1 thought on “hannahtuition Vision & Goals

  • BEST way to realising our mistake when we teach..thank you soo much..
    i realized that i could teach my student accourding to ur method

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