August 13, 2012

Hannahtuition – TERMS & CONDITIONS

Hi Parents,

Thanks for signing up with hannahtuition!

Kindly take some time to read hannahtuition’s terms and conditions.

Hannahtuition is trying to go as ‘paperless’ as possible so no hardcopy will be given to you. You can inform me that you acknowledge reading and accepting my T&Cs via SMS/whatsapp or email. šŸ™‚

Throughout my teaching years, I amĀ glad to say that I do not really haveĀ any badĀ encounterĀ withĀ students’ parents. Thank God.

However, I have still decided to draw upĀ these terms and conditionsĀ so that parents have an understanding of my expectations.

For instance, I do not like students or parents to cancel tuitionĀ often, especially at the last minute. šŸ™‚

Coming from an engineering background before I found my calling in teaching, I actually love drafting SOPs (Standard Operating Procedues) and guidelines so that everyone are on the same page. As one of my mentor always says “Good fence makes good neighbours.”Ā šŸ™‚


Tuition fees are charged on a monthly sessions basis and full payment must be made payable at theĀ beginning of every calender month prior to the start of a class.

Hannahtuition do not collect registration fee. However, please note that there is an annual materials fee. The breakdown is as follows.Ā  I will be printing quite a lot of worksheets and exam papers for the students.

  • Sec 1 to Sec 4 Maths Subjects – $35 ( Need to buy 2 practice books- Vol A and Vol B from popular). I will advise which books to purchase. The practice book is only for building foundation. I will still print a lot of worksheets and exam papers for the students.
  • Sec 1 & Sec 3 Science Subjects – $35 ( Need to buy 1-2 practice book from popular). I will advise which books to purchase.Ā  I will still print worksheets and exam papers for the students.
  • Sec 2 & Sec 4 Science subjects – $70 (Do not need to get any books).

Annual material fees are non-refundable should the student withdraw from the class.

Public Holidays

There are no classes on public holidays. Lessons that falls on public holiday will not be charged.

I am agreeable to teach or do make-up lessons on public holidays. Please let me know in advance and so that I can make plans.

School Holidays (* Please Take Note)

There will be 2 weeks break in the June school holidays and 3 weeks break in the Dec school holidays. There will be 2 weeks holiday program and 4-5 weeks holiday program during Dec holidays.

Please note that there are lessons in the March and Sep school holidays.

For parents who want to engage my service for the next academic year, the holiday program is compulsory. There will be NO make up lessons for any missed holiday lessons. Existing students can use their 3 uncharged lessons offset for their missed holiday program lessons. šŸ˜Š

Year end holiday “head-start” program will be in the first 3 weeks in Nov and 2 weeks in Dec. There will be no lessons last 2 weeks of December.

Cancellation/Missing tuition lessons

Cancellation of tuition lessons should be made at least one day in advance.Ā Cancellation without prior notice will be charged. (*exception applies)

Students can arrange a individualĀ make-up lesson with me on a weekday afternoon. The make-up class will only be 1hr to 1hr15minsĀ if I am coaching the child individually.


Please note 3 lessons offset clause** below.

** No charges will be collected for 3 missed lessons in a year (Applies for ALL reason. i.eĀ  child sick, school activity, supplementary classes, holidays etc) if the child is unable to attend the make up lesson as per Hannahtuition’s schedule.

However, if there are already 3 refunds of missed lessons in a year, the subsequent missed lessons will be charged. **Ā 

Increment of lesson fees

Kindly note that there will be anĀ increment in the monthly rate when the student movesĀ up to the next academic level.

Small Steps Good Grades Online Science Program

All on-site science students have to subscribe to our online science micro-lessons ($250/ annual subscription) . The program is used together with the on-site lessons.

Resources, Photos And Media

Due to the proprietary nature ofĀ tuition business, teaching resources, photos and videos may only be taken with the prior permission of Hannahtuition.

Hannahtuition will be sharing students’ pictures and school papers results on our fb/ig/google page. By accepting the T&Cs, parents permit Hannahtuition to use, in whole or in part, photographs, videos, written extractions, and his or her work, for the purpose of illustrations, publications, and websites, including school marketing materials.

To ensure the privacy of individuals, images will not be identified using personal identifying information. Only initials will be written.


A 14 (Fourteen) days’ notice is required for any termination by the parent(s).


Terms and Conditions stated are subject to change.


14 thoughts on “Hannahtuition – TERMS & CONDITIONS

  • Hi Hannah,

    My daughter is in P4 this year. I would like to have one to one
    Next year .
    Kindly contact me for math and science


    • Hi Fennie,

      Thanks for reading my blog and contacting me.

      I am sorry that I can only confirm with you if I can coach your daughter next year in Dec2012.
      This is because I have agreed to keep my slots for my existing students if they want to continue with hannahtuition next year.
      (If you are living in the north, you may want to consider having small group tuition at my humble place. I only take in maximum of 4 students in a class so that I can address their enquiries individually. Research has shown that humans learn best in small groups. :))

      Meanwhile, I will appreciate if you can let me know the following details.
      – Your estate (you do not need to give full address, just let me know the estate i.e. Ang Mo Kio will do).
      – Any requested timings
      – Other comments on the child’s behaviour or learning speed

      Kindly email me at or sms me at 82888792.
      I will follow-up with you offline. šŸ™‚

      Thank you and have a blessed day.


  • My daughter is in P6 next year. I would like to have one to one tuition for English, maths and science. Kindly contact me

    • Hi Sangeetha, my 1 to 1 tuition slots are few and are currently full. I do not teach English too. I do have a slot in my psle maths class on fri 5-7pm. I also will go through half an hour of science every lesson as requested by students’ parents in this group. Let me know if you are keen. All of tuition groups are kept small. Maximum 4 children. Thanks!

    • Hi Sing Lee, thanks for your interest. But I do not have any tuition class at Jurong West. I conduct small group tuition classes at my place in Yishun. Thanks! šŸ™‚

  • Hi, do you give tuition to Sec 3 combine science (phy/chem)? I would like to know the available days, time and fee (location yishun). Thank you.

    • Hi Mdm Ng, Thanks for your interest. My Sec 3 group is currently full.
      Kindly drop me an sms with your child’s level and subject and I will put you on the waiting list.
      Thanks. Have a blessed day.

    • Hi Shuchi,

      I am so sorry for the late reply. My one to one tuition slots are few and currently full.
      I do still have slots in my small group tuition on Fri 5pm to 7pm.

      Please call or sms me at 82888792 to confirm. Thanks.

    • Hi Miss Ho,

      I only have one slot left for P6 PSLE preparation class on Friday 5-7pm.
      I will doing both Maths and Science for this class. ( as requested by some of the parents)

      I conduct tuition at my place in Yishun. Small group tuition with max 4-5 students in a class.
      Kindly sms me at 82888792 if you are interested. Thanks.

  • I am looking for tutor for science, pri 5 next year. I stay in Canberra Drive (near Yishun ave 7). As my daughter has to stay back in school quite often, she can only go for tuition on mon or weekend. I am ok for small group tuition or 1 to 1 tuition. Pls let me know your slots and rates via email.


    • Hi Novia, thanks for your message. I usually finalise following year schedule in nov and dec. Kindly drop me an sms at 82888792 so that I can save your number in my sms list. I will contact all parents who enquired in nov and dec. Thanks!

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