Good Teacher Assistant – A prayer come true.

This year, hannahtuition welcomes our first ever permanent teaching assistant. May she be blessed with the wisdom to impart her academic knowledge and tips to hannahtuition students.

She will assist me in my lessons in giving students standard quizzes and when students are stuck in their practices while i go around the class checking on individual students’ progress.

This lovely girl is my teacher assistant. She is from AJC and waiting for her A levels results which will be out tomorrow! Exciting!

By Feb2019, all my slots are full now (except one maths slot on Tues 615pm). Last december, while i am doing my lesson planning for my holiday programs, I was lead to contact one of my ex-student who is waiting for her A levels results and asked if she is keen to help me as my teaching assistant.

In the past, i tried to engage 2 teaching assistants via agencies and i have to let them go after 1 month as i find them not up to the job because they are not familiar with the syllabus. (Or maybe my expectations are too high ?)

One good tutor friend/mentor do share with me about praying for armour bearers for my tuition few years back. And I am so thankful to her for this idea. I am so thankful to the Lord for providing me with a great armour bearer whom not only helped in my classes but also helped in creating materials for my preschool homeschool IG/fb account. (Hannahhomeschool)

This year has been a restful one for me so far despite I have an 20% percent increase in the students intake. However, this year i do have a few challenging students. They are unable to focus and are very weak in their time management. They failed to do their homework many times and I have to spend time reminding them about priorities. I pray that they have a heart of understanding and have the discipline to do the right things.

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