Looking for MOE school teachers

In this post, I will like to share my thoughts on looking for MOE school teachers as tuition teachers. As I receive more requests to find home tutors, I realise most of the parents are looking for MOE teachers or full-time tutors. I personally agree that these two groups of tutors will be the most experienced in teaching students the correct methodology if the student is in the same level as their classes in school ( For MOE teacher).

I personally disagree that MOE teachers have better methodologies in coaching your child just because they are NIE certified. (Ooops, I hope I did not offend any school teachers I know.) Anyway, I personally believe there are many factors to consider too. 🙂


Hannahtuition agency checks the following ( when parent request to engage MOE school teachers for tuition);

  • Are they still current school teachers? ( Hannahtuition agency will ask for their MOE email address. We can check if their MOE email address is still active by requesting them to acknowledge an email sent to their MOE email address from us. )


  • What is the level of their NIE certification? Diploma, Advanced Dip, Bachelor or Post Graduate degree from NIE? ( I personally believe if the teacher do well academically themselves, they will have good tips for their students too. Having said so, it also doesn’t meant that only teachers with degrees can teach effectively. I witnessed many cases of non-degree holders tutors help to improve students’ grades and most importantly, instill the love of the subjects in the children.) 🙂


  • Is the MOE teacher currently teaching the level that your child is at? ( Some MOE teachers only teach lower primary classes. I personally feel they may not be a good match for your child if your child is in p6.)


  • Does the MOE teacher have experience teaching the subject and level that your child is at? ( Maybe the teacher is teaching p5 this year because he/she took PSLE batch last year) 🙂


  • Do their school schedule really allows them to have personal time for tuition? ( I heard some stories where the MOE teacher end up cancelling tuition classes often due to school activities. Although both hannahtuition and the MOE teacher cant guarantee that tuition classes will not be cancelled due to last minute school activities, it is good that this question is brought up so that the MOE teacher get to consider this question carefully before accepting the assignment.)


Kindly comment or share with me if you have views on this topic too. 🙂

Blessed day to all! 🙂

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