2023 Olevels Results Day for Hannahtuition students

Olevels tuition in Maths , Chemistry and Physics with Hannahtuition!

📢2023 Olevels results day for Hannahtuition students;

💯 Improvement! Every single Olevels tuition tutee improved 1-2 grades! What a happy day!

Amaths : 100% Distinctions🅰️
eMaths: All Distinctions except 2 students😊
Chem/Phy: All Distinctions except 2 students😊
Pure Chem: All Distinctions except 1 student🎉

I have Sec 4 Olevel tuition students joining my on-site classes with E8 to C6 every year. (Either at the beginning of sec 3/4 or just 1 mth before the exams during our crash course). I am so glad that ALL of them improved!! 👍❤️💪

Wishing them all the best in their tertiary education! Keep in touch! Next time come back help me mark books 📚 part-time and earn some pocket money. Hehe. 😆

Here is a compilation i did for my social media handles.

A Promising Year Ahead: 2024 O-Level Success

Excitement fills the air as we welcome our 2024 O-Level students. Building on the stellar Maths and Science results achieved by Hannahtuition students in 2023, we’re eager to continue the journey of academic excellence.

Our dedicated small team is committed to providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment, fostering critical thinking, and a passion for knowledge. With adaptability at the core, we aim to tailor our methods to accommodate diverse learning styles, setting the stage for personal and academic growth.

As we embark on this academic adventure, our goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge essential for O-Level success and beyond. Here’s to another year of shared achievements, challenges conquered, and a collective pursuit of excellence with our exceptional 2024 O-Level students.

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You can also find out who is behind Hannah Edtech team from this fb post.

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