2013 SA2 Good Results

This year, I realized I took a long time to write this post on students SA2 results. I have been so busy with holiday tuition program, catching up with family and friends.

I really thank God for my students’ good results or any improvement. As usual, I am sorry that I can not share all of my students results. This is because I have to spend a lot of time keeping track and keying all of them down. I will be sharing those whom I felt proud of their perseverance even they do not like the subject and do not understand ways of answering certain questions initially.


Listed below are those that really excite me and make me feel like sharing the good news to the world. [ * if you are a parent, you will know what I mean. 🙂 ]
Beside good results, I am extremely glad to see weak students trying their best and ending the year with huge improvement. 🙂 The results may be still below average but students deserved a pat on their back when they improve their score by 10s or 20s.


Parents, if you do not see your child name and will really want me to put it up, kindly drop me a private message and I will try to add it in. 🙂



Sec 1 – Zoey K – Riverside Sec – Maths A1, Science A1 (Zoey dislikes Physics because she scored C6 for one of her physics test. I can see she put in a lot of effort in the SA2 physics paper as she did all my physics hand-outs meticulously. I am so happy for her. )

Sec 1 – Ophelia T – Riverside Sec – Maths A1, Science B3 ( Ophelia is a fast learner and patient girl who will wait for other students in the tuition class after she finished her practices.)

Sec 1 – Olivia T – CHIJ Toa Payoh Star Plus Class – Maths A2, Science A2

Sec 1 – Bernard T – Yishun Sec – Science A1 ( Bernard’s English is quite weak so he has problems understanding some of the Science questions. Hence I am very glad that he got a A1 for his Science.)

Sec 1 – Javier S – Chung Cheng Main – Maths A1

Sec 1 – Christel Y – MGS – Maths C5 ( She improved from a F9 to C5 in 1 month after starting tuition in Sep13! To me, that’s very good!)

Sec 3 – Ifah – Riverside Sec – Amaths A1, Combined Sci A1 ( Ifah is very hardworking girl. Kudos to her consistent distinctions!)

Sec 3 – Jasmine T – Sengkang Sec – EMaths A1, Amaths B3 ( Jasmine is from Sec 2 NA and she had a hard time at the beginning of the year catching up Sec 3 Express syllabus. Im so happy for her that her Maths is achieving A and Bs again!)

Sec 3 – Rachel A – Yishun Sec – EMaths A1

Sec 3 – Nicholas C – North Vista Sec – Maths A1. Science A1 ( Both subjects 1st in class)

Sec 4 – Jasmine C – Riverside Sec – EMaths and Amaths ( Both 90s in the prelims! Looking forward to her AWESOME Olevels results!)

Sec 4 – Jessie W – Orchid Park Sec – Amaths B3 ( Jessie was failing Amaths in Sec 3 before she had tuition so to me, she improved a great deal. Praise the Lord. Looking forward to her distinctions in her Olevels results!)


P3 – Geraldine S -Ngee Ann Pri – Maths (98%) Top in class , Science (91%) 3rd in class.

P4 – Rachel K – Woodgrove Pri – Maths ( 77%) , Science (72%) This girl is very bubbly but do not like Maths when I started tuition with her beginning this year. She scored 50 plus for both Maths and Science in P3. I’m glad she improve consistently and now love to do problem sums. Really praise The Lord in the change of her heart towards Maths. 🙂

P5 – Chervyn T – Sembawang Pri  – Science (57%) Chervyn improve from a 30 plus score in SA1. I am glad that she shown huge improvement after she started tuition after SA1.

P5 – Li PX – Wellington Pri – Maths ( 43%) and Science (65%) PX improve from 20 to 30 plus score for both subjects at the beginning of the year. She joined the group tuition after SA1. Happy for her. I truly believe she can pass her Maths next year.

P5 – Adam W – Jiemin Pri – Maths (76%) and Science (80%) A boy always bringing laughter to the class. 🙂

P5 – Kong ZG – Rosyth Pri – Maths (77%) and Science ( 71% )

P5 – Crystal T – Poi Ching Sch – Science (77.5%) One of my ‘furthest’ student who came all the way from Pasir Ris for Science booster class before SA2.

P6 – Joel S – Woodgrove Pri – PSLE Science ( Grade 1 above 85%), Maths ( Grade 2 70-84%) ( Joel is from foundation class. I felt that he did well and PSLE is just a education hurdle to cross. I have seen a great improvement in his behaviour and attitude towards his studies. I declare that his grades will only get better and better. )

P6 – Benjamin L –  PSLE Science A , Maths A

P6 – Amelia L – PSLE Science A , Maths A


Looking back at 2013, God has prosper hannahtuition immeasurably. Best of all, in His grace, I look forward to work everyday despite long working hours. 🙂

I thank God and I declare that 2014 will be a even more awesome year for hannahtuition. I pray that all hannahtuition children will be taught by the Lord Himself and they will be mighty in deeds and behaviour! Yeah!


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