Hannahtuition Zoom Maths Tuition

Let’s take a peek at Hannahtuition Zoom Maths tuition class. This class comprises of all Sec 4 Amaths students. This is a revision class for my Sec 4 students.

From June onwards, all Hannahtuition Zoom tuition will be segregated into 2 groups. For instance, Sec 3 Amaths and Sec 4 Amaths students. The students will be separated in two zoom breakout rooms.

When Sec 3 Amaths students are doing their work, I will toggle to Sec 4 room to help them with their work. No time will be wasted on waiting students to finish their work during class . ???? This model is a very similar model of how i conduct my physical lessons too. You can take a look at my previous zoom videos to have a idea on how i toggle between 2 breakout rooms.

Students who need extra help in certain topics and questions can always drop me a message and I will send them explanations using audio and video clips.

Let’s try our very best to learn during this very challenging period. We can soar above the storm even in difficult seasons in life. Let’s try to help one another! 🙂

After phase 2HA till the end of 2021, Hannahtuition is most probably moving to hybrid lesson. One group of physical students and one group of students over zoom for each lesson. In this way, students get to come over for physical lessons twice a month and i get to monitor them more closely. ????????

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