August 14, 2012

Cindy Hannah Ang’s academic results :-)

Decided to ‘showcase’ my academic results after a few parents requested for it. 🙂

In summary,

O Levels: L1R4 – 7, L1R5 – 9 (6 distinctions in Olevels)

A Levels: 3 Distinctions in Higher Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics


  • Second Class Honours Degree in Materials Engineering

  • Masters of Science


My parents are strong believers of “every school is a good school.” Basically, to them, it just doesnt make sense to travel so far for 6 years to study. To them, if one want to study, they can do well anywhere because they are hawkers who do not have much time to oversee our studies anyway. ? My primary school, secondary school and junior college are all in Yishun. Although my GCE O Levels results enables me to go to a better Junior College, i stayed in Yishun Junior College.


Because most of my friends are there! ( Ooops, thats not what i told my parents. Hehe. )  But thank God for wonderful, committed teachers in Yishun Junior College whom helped me to achieve three distinctions in my GCE A Levels. Yay! Seriously, Good teachers make much more difference than the school brand! I even scored better than several of my friends who went to so-called better JCs.?



I also attached my Masters transcript to “exhibit” my GPA of 4.0. Woot! Im very happy with this result because this masters course was indeed a test of my time management. This Masters is on logistics because I worked in UPS  for 5 years after I graduated. In my late twenties, I became a full-time tutor after I realised teaching is my passion. I have been teaching since. ?

Back then, working and taking masters degree part-time is no joke. **pat pat myself on my back.** ?

I am contemplating to pursue a Masters in education now that one do not need to bonded to MOE upon completion of courses in NIE. I will update here if i do. 🙂

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