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  1. Daily exercises for my younger students (P4 Decimals Problem Sums)

    August 2, 2012 by hannahtuition

    Trying to develop a habit to wake up early to come up with daily exercises for my younger students.

    Felt prompted to do this after i come across . I heard about it sometime ago but didnt have the chance to go and explore.  Finally, find time to go check it out after talking to one parent. Its a interesting and interactive website whereby students can go in daily to  attempt the questions and there will be virtual tutor ( whom the students has designed) that will explain to them the correct steps if the students got the question wrong. I think some of the children has designed the virtual tutor to be a cartoon dog with ribbon on its head. Wahaha! So cute!

    I have written some questions and grouped them in 3 levels based on difficulty.

    Easy – Bronze Level

    Intermediate – Silver Level

    Challenging – Gold Level

    My style:

    (1) Attempt one question from each level daily.

    If you notice, there is only 5 questions per week. Yes, i know there are seven days in a week. :) Meaning there is no daily exercises from me on weekend. I believe in rest and good time management. There will be other homework from assessment books and also homework from school.

    So, students can do other homework on weekends, catch up on their rest ( like we adults do) and have some outdoor activity. :) After all, everyone has only one childhood and its precious! *wink*

    (2) Similar questions will be repeated if the student get the question wrong at the first exercise.

    This is to enforce their understanding and build a good foundation.

    Enough Said. Here are some sample of my daily exercises on P4 Decimals Problem Sums. :)

    Decimals P4 problem sums BRONZE

    Decimals P4 problem sums SILVER


    Decimals P4 problem sums GOLD


    Have fun with the problem sums! :)