Every child is a gem unpolished

I say every child is a gem unpolished. Yes, u heard me right. Unpolished. Whether or not, the child excels in his/her studies, they are still unpolished gems. Polishing requires enjoying trials, problems, success, and experiences in life every day. Polishing requires building castle in the air and putting foundations below them. Polishing requires practice Read more about Every child is a gem unpolished[…]

Breathe, eat, sleep computer games! Gosh!

Many of the children now ( especially boys) are sort-of glued to computer games. They can be still and spend hours in front of the PC. Some of my students told me they will set their alarm clock to wake them up early during their school holidays to play games. I’m impressed. Hehe. After speaking Read more about Breathe, eat, sleep computer games! Gosh![…]