How to MEMORISE Science Definitions?

Who will agree with me that science definitions are a common trait in secondary school science tests and examinations? I usually do not have problem getting students to learn definitions by heart. Thats what alot of us did and we make sure we “kill” all those definitions questions which aim to award those who take time to study and Read more about How to MEMORISE Science Definitions?[…]

Feel like sharing some notes on Electricity

Electricity Was browsing through my tuition notes folder and felt like sharing some physics notes. I have read a lot of guidebooks with detail notes. In fact, there are a lot of pretty good ones. However, it takes a disciplined child to read them thoroughly and digest them. Also, one of my student asked me “Wah teacher, so Read more about Feel like sharing some notes on Electricity[…]

Woo hoo! Another testimony !!

I received this image via watsapp yesterday. I am so happy for this girl and there was a sense of achievement all over me. By the way, I only taught her Mathematics and Science. She did well in both.  🙂 She did well in her Home economics and English too. I believe its the positive attitude in Read more about Woo hoo! Another testimony !![…]

Another milestone. Badge recognition for students.

My husband asked me if i also participated in Singapore Science Centre “Are you a young Scientist?” program in primary school. I certainly did as i love Science. And i managed to collect a lot of badges too.     My husband was crazy about those badges too and our discussion brought back fond memories Read more about Another milestone. Badge recognition for students.[…]

MCQs on Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings

Attention all hannahtuition Science students, please attempt the following MCQs after you recieve my watsapp, sms, or any mobile message. 🙂 You may either write on piece of paper OR copy and paste these equations with your answers on the comment below. We will go through this in the next lesson. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  1. What is the purpose of Read more about MCQs on Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings[…]