Diffusion and Osmosis for Lower Secondary Science

2 of my sec 1 st nicholas secondary girls are studying diffusion and osmosis. They have just finished their science common test. Hope that they can do well ! 🙂 Went through this diffusion and osmosis worsksheet with them last saturday. I believe it was a great practice.

P3 Science (Living & Non-living things)

Hannahtuition Beloved P3 students, Last week, most of you did well for the first Science quiz. Good job! Mrs Chew went through some answering technique for Science questions and there is another quiz this week to brush up your answering Science question skills. Lets give ourselves one AWESOME clap because most of you scored 80% Read more about P3 Science (Living & Non-living things)[…]

P3 Science ( Living and Non-living things)

To all Hannahtuition beloved P3 students,   Are you all excited about learning Science next year? 🙂   Here is last week quiz on Living and non-living things if you have missed it. Parents, kindly ask the children to read through and try to attempt these questions. There will be another quiz on this topic next week. Read more about P3 Science ( Living and Non-living things)[…]

P3/P4 Primary Science QUIZ (Classification and Life-cycles of Animals)

Highest Score: 80% Joel Seah Woodgrove Primary School I am very happy for Joel. He has worked hard and came a long way. 🙂 He needs to be consistant. I expect him to do well for this quiz because it is his favourite topic. Getting the highest score is definately icing on the cake! 🙂 As Read more about P3/P4 Primary Science QUIZ (Classification and Life-cycles of Animals)[…]

Yeah! Just receive another good news from one of my student on her CA results!

Student name: Noor Arifah Level: Secondary 2 School: Riverside Secondary School                                     Ifah is a quiet and gentle girl. She always finish whatever homework i gave. * Wise girl * if not having tuition is just getting another Read more about Yeah! Just receive another good news from one of my student on her CA results![…]

How to MEMORISE Science Definitions?

Who will agree with me that science definitions are a common trait in secondary school science tests and examinations? I usually do not have problem getting students to learn definitions by heart. Thats what alot of us did and we make sure we “kill” all those definitions questions which aim to award those who take time to study and Read more about How to MEMORISE Science Definitions?[…]

Lower Secondary – Some basic questions on COLOUR

Some of my students are doing this chapter now. Here are some of the basic questions on COLOUR. Ifah, Jasmine, Jessie, Justin, please complete this and hand up to me in this week lesson. Some of you have already received the hardcopy from me. 🙂

Primary 4 Science Keywords ( Heat, Light, Matter)

Just finished marking some Science worksheets and realise some of my students are not able to get the Science question correct because of their ridiculous spelling of the keywords that marks will be awarded to.  🙁 Decided to draw up a spelling list for them.  Hee.   Parents of hannahtuition P4 Science (* you should have receive Read more about Primary 4 Science Keywords ( Heat, Light, Matter)[…]

Science: Light & Colour

Some of my students are learning this chapter in school. So decided to do some notes for them. Well… but nothing is free! hee hee. Ifah, Jas T, Jessie: Please find time to read through and digest the notes. There will be a short quiz on this topic this week. 🙂 Light · Denser Medium. Light Read more about Science: Light & Colour[…]